The 5 Greatest Wu-Tang Clan Songs in Skateboard Videos

Bring the ruckus!Enter the Wu-Tangis about to transform 25 years old on November 9, 2018 and also weve come to pay respects to the epic skateboard video components that are forever entwined with the Wu-Tang heritage.

Because nevertheless, it was skateboard video clips that triggered the union between Shaolin and also skateboarding and also one details video clip component specifically (see below).

As well as while numerous MCs pertained to live out their name and also display their skate designs come with by Wu seems, just a handful have understood the harmful poison styles that raised the art of skate boarding to new elevations and influenced generations to roll up one pant leg and bang people over the head with that said tough strategy.

Keeping that said, here are the Top 5 Wu-Tang Clan Songs in Skateboard Video clip History, power-rated for your watching satisfaction:

1. Gino Iannucci 101 Skateboards Snuff (1993 )

(accomplishment. Wu-Tang Clan Technique Man from Enter the Wu-Tang)

This component holds the primary area uncontested for single-handedly leading skateboarders into the 36 Chambers in 1993. With the Wus M-E-T-H-O-D Guy blasting out the audio speakers, a novice pro by the name of Gino Iannucci took target markets on an excursion of style and skill from World Park to the Santa Monica sand patches.

And also afterwards, every skateboarder hit their regional record shop feinin for a dosage of Wu-Tang music (since you still had to hunt it down in those pre-internet days).

It was a career-defining minute for Gino, that had actually just gone from underground sensation on the Black Label skateboard brand name to joining the elite 101 Skateboards team as a new pro. The barge-on-the-scene energy behind the Technique Male song originally a B-side to the Protect Ya Neck solitary made it a prime soundtrack option, says Gino Iannucci in an extremely recommendable meeting on the SKATE MUZIK radio program (you can pay attention to the entire interview right here).

The remainder is history. Gino took place to become a pioneer of street skateboardings technical transformation and reclusive style icon, refining his abilities outside the spotlight, only to reemerge every now and then with game-changing video footage. He likewise preserved a custom of skating to Wu songs in heavy-hitting video parts such as Trilogy (Ghostface Killah, Motherless Kid, DJ Punish remix, 1996) and also The Chocolate Trip (GZA, Publicity, 1999). In terms of Wu-Tang skate boarding minutes, this is the GOAT.

2. Hazard Team Section Globe Industries 20 Shot Series (1995 )

(accomplishment. Approach Guy Release Yo Delf from Tical)

When Threat Skateboards very first step on the scene, the industry was scared. Similar to the Wu, this new business charged right into the spotlight no-holds-barred as well as fists swinging. Essentially! The Threat section in 1995s 20 Shot Series video opens up on the MNC group handing a collective beat-down to an unfortunate skater at an L.A. institution lawn, come with by the opening chorus of Method Mans Release Yo Delf solitary (find out the details in Patrick ODells Epicly Laterd docudrama series).

It was a traditional video clip minute from what would certainly become a classic skate brand. By creating Threat, pro skateboarder and also entrepreneurial mastermind Kareem Campbell (see 4.) confirmed his uncompromising eye for ability as well as Midas touch for street-approved cool. By enlisting Eric Pupecki, Joey Surriel, Fabian Alomar, and Billy Valdez as heading pros, Kareem took a handful of infamous negative children that firm proprietors were scared to touch and also formed them into an urban Bones Brigade for the 40s as well as Blunts generation.

With the L.A. best of 20 Shot Series, Kareem let loose Hazard on all the b * tch a * s people in the sector. And that was the night everything transformed. To all Tommy Hill ice-rocking, street-savvy skaters using their fitted baseball hats sideways in defiance, Threat Skateboards was the response and also this Technique Man track was their anthem.

3. Harold Hunter Zoo York Mixtape (1998 )

(task. Technique Man as well as Ghostface Killah freestyle on Stretch Armstrong & & Bobbito Radio Program)

When Harold Hunter unfortunately died in 2006, the skateboard area shed a radiating celebrity. The specialist skateboarder/model/actor/ MC/New York design icon touched many lives as a multi-talented individual and also impressive identity. Recording the essence of Harold Seeker is a close to impossible accomplishment, however the R.B. Umali-directed segment in Zoo Yorks Mixtape video achieves simply that. Harolds personality radiates in his skating as well as outtakes from acting appearances as well as the one-of-a-kind Wu soundtrack is the icing ahead.

As Harold proceeds to hit classic New York City areas from Brooklyn Banks to Union Square, complementing rhymes are thanks to no other than the Clans Technique Guy as well as Ghostface Killah. In a rare sound as well as video recording from 1994s Stretch Armstrong & & Bobbito radio show, we experience Meth in his prime, loftily floating over the track going down bars in signature Ticallion Stallion design next to Ghostface Killahs tales of Wu Gambino criminal activity family shenanigans.

Its the excellent soundtrack for a minute in time when New york city skateboarding was harsh, tough as well as underground, yet Harold Seeker made it all look remarkable. Prior to joining the Zoo York team, Harold also showed up in advertisements for The American Dream skateboard firm as Ol Dirty Harold in tribute to his favorite Wu participant. Much like Ol Dirty Bastard, Harold left the world also young, with excessive achievement ahead of him. His memory survives with the Harold Hunter Foundation for New york city City skate boarding as well as this classic video clip part. Never to be failed to remember.

4. Kareem Campbell World Industries 20 Shot Sequence (1995 )

(task. Method Guy Bring the Discomfort from Tical)

Is it actual, child? Is it truly real, boy?! Thats not even a concern when Los Angeles tale and also design symbol Kareem Campbell taps Technique Mans Tical cd for his critical video component. It gets say goodbye to 1990s road skating than Kareems component in 20 Shot Series: His opening line covers half a city block with style as well as finesse, followed by mid-1990s technology treasures offered with a trademark scattering of high-powered pop (as in: level ground 360 flip to 5-0 on the table at Lockwood).

In the larger image, the Tical cds release marked a moment when Wu-Tang Clan and also all of hip-hop was about to blow up into major mainstream fame. And skateboarding was likewise drawing itself out of the rain gutter as well as preparing yourself bring the discomfort after having imploded in 1991.

Kareem Campbell was laying the structure for skateboardings next level not just as a major pro on Globe Industries. He had actually also simply offered his very own vision of skateboard culture by launching the Menace Skateboards brand (see 2.). With a best-selling footwear on DuFFS 1995s KCK Kicks design, still usually copied today he showed an ability for setting future patterns in shoes style, which he totally gone after by starting Axion Shoes soon after.

Speaking of the future: Kareems trick choice, place choices, outfits and soundtrack choices from 1995 would still all be thought about on point today. He also maintained it close to the Wu throughout his entire career, for instance by touching Technique Man & & Redman for his 1996 video component in Trilogy. And that, in words of Approach Man, is truly genuine

5. Mike Crum World Industries Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Tune (1997 )

(task. Wu-Tang Clan As High As Wu-Tang Receive From Wu-Tang Forever)

At once when soundtracks for upright skate boarding were ruled by the unholy trinity of Killer, Metallica, and Ozzy Osbourne, it took skills and also guts to break the mold. Go Into Mike Crum, a native Texan as well as next-generation vert skateboarder who brought the vernacular of ultra-technical road skateboarding right into halfpipe terrain.

Accompanied by among the most underrated tracks of the Clans 1997 double album Wu-Tang Forever, Crum puts down a barrage of tech moves that a) nobody else was doing at the time, and b) still hold currency on the vert circuit today.

Dont be fooled by Old Dirty Bastard (SLIT) chanting as high as Wu-Tang get. Crums design is stone-cold sober technological proficiency. Laser-blade sharp and also focused, his bag of methods includes no-handed switch pop-shove its, nollie varial heel indies, switch over shuv noseslide over the channel as well as nollie taxis. It was not only the type of vertical skateboarding that also one of the most technically-minded street skaters could get behind. It was the future. If any kind of vert skater ever confirmed deserving of ending up being a basic in the Wu-Tang military, its got to be Crum.

The Legend Continues

Mentioning deserving, ethical discusses in the Wu-Tang x Skateboard Videos legacy have to includeKeenan Miltons (HOLE)outbreak part in 20 Shot Series over Technique Mans Mr. Sandman. Likewise Eastern coast powerhouse Reese Forbes skating to a banging C.R.E.A.M. remix in a 411 Video Publication commercial. Allows not neglect Quim Cardona, that also created a skate brand called Wu-Tang Limited in 2011, laying it down to Ghostface Killahs Black Jesus in the Fixed IV video.

Plus extra just recently, props to Jason Dill for skating to Raekwon the Chefs Glaciers of Ice in a star-studded montage in SUPREMEs Cherry video; virtually obtaining run over by a delivery truck while Ghost as well as Rae parlay over the flyest means to shake Clarks footwear prior to putting down a brolic tech line in the center of downtown traffic. Unstoppable!

Keeping that said, that will be the next challenger to camouflage a new design over Wu-Tang beats? Its no question that in order to survive, Shaolin Kung-Fu has to now be educated to even more boys and women. So be prepared. As well as safeguard your neck. Since the saga continues. Wu-Tang! WU-TANG! WU-TANG!!!


Are you watching carefully?

As the RZA himself composed in The Tao of Wu: In a manner, when television went electronic, we lost a footing in truth. Now, well never truly recognize if what were seeing is genuine or has actually been altered as well as sent to us. On that note, legend has it that certain mid-1990s skateboard video clips had actually been changed with hefty digital cosmetics, trimming a few appropriate frameworks to remove the periodic toe drag or hands-on touch-down. Truth or conspiracy concept? Or just one more mystery in the art of shadowboxing?

Teflon Don

Ghostface Killahs verse on the Stretch Armstrong & & Bobbito Radio Program marks the initial videotaped event of the term Teflon Don in rap songs, which 15 years later on would come to be the title of a 2010 cd by recording artist Rick Ross.

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