The Skateboard Fashion Journey of Tony Alva

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The world of specialist skate boarding can be separated into two ages: Before as well as after Tony Alva. In the pre-Alva days, specialist skateboarders were clean-cut internet users with sun-bleached hair, gymnasts doing choreographed routines, as well as genuine athletes representing their sporting activity on national television with proper gentlemanly temperament.

In the mid-to-late 1970s, Tony Alva or simply T.A. transformed all that, injecting skateboarding with perspective, swagger, and a rock celebrity wardrobe.

Nicknamed Mad Pet dog by his peers for his hostile riding style, Alva controlled the web pages of skate boarding magazines wearing fedoras as well as natural leather jackets, turning the bird right into the cam, introducing airborne conform the edge of yard pools in a whirlwind of fame that sent a shock to the system, changing skate boarding culture and fashion permanently.

Heres the information with commentary from Tony Alva, as included in the very first official book on skate boarding clothing Skate boarding is not a Fashion.


Tony Alvas skateboarding trip started in 1967 when he uncovered pathway browsing at the age of 10. Birthed and elevated in Santa Monica, California, as the kid of a Dutch mother as well as Mexican-American papa, Alva found out just how to browse on the coastlines down the street from his home.

The North Side [of L.A.] is where I matured searching. I captured my first number of waves down there, stated Tony Alva. Skateboarding and also surfing went hand-in-hand in those days, and Alvas early good example included pro surfers/skateboarders from Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades such as Hobie group cyclists Danny Bearer, Torger Johnson, and the Hilton bros.

Our bargain was to mimic surfing ashore. So we just wore whatever the web surfers were surfing in.

All our heroes were professional web surfers. Every person we looked up to in the feeling of trying to replicate them were all professional surfers, not skateboarders, claimed Tony Alva. In regards to skateboard garments, the close connections to searching additionally carried over into closet choices.

Our deal was to emulate searching ashore. So we simply wore whatever the internet users were surfing in, stated Tony Alva, who would certainly skateboard the concrete embankments of regional institution yards such as Kenter and also Paul Revere putting on the internet user appearance of the time: deck shoes and knee sock paired with board shorts and a Tees bleached by the California sun.

However as Alvas riding abilities advanced, the young prodigy moved in the direction of a grittier, a lot more hostile design of searching originated by the citizens in the rough waters of Santa Monicas Dogtown neighborhood on the boundary of Venice Beach. In the darkness of the obsolete as well as rapidly breaking down Pacific Sea Park Pier, Alva became part of a tightly-knit gang of outsiders with a Locals Just attitude, including Jay Adams and Shogo Kubo.


Epic threads: Initial Breeze group T-shirt, thanks to the Gallery of Skateboard History in Berlin.

In 1972, Alva joined the jr surf team of fabulous Jeff Ho & & Zephyr Productions Surf Shop, situated near to the beach on Main Road and Sea Park Blvd in the heart of Dogtown. Along with fellow Z-Boys short for Breeze including Jay Adams as well as Stacy Peralta, the wild-haired rebel brought the low-gravity, aggressive browse design grown in the wreck of the Pier into the roads, changing the upright, somewhat tight riding style of the moment with a healthy dosage of mindset as well as danger.

Eventually, Alva and also his accomplices finished from the jr surf group to create the Breeze Competition Skate Group, a force to be considered on the competition circuit; similarly feared as well as respected in their coordinating navy blue Breeze group T-shirts as well as torn-up denims.

In the streets and also institution backyards, Alva and the Z-Boys soon came to be notorious for their careless antics and guiding stunts, adjusting low-slung browse maneuvers like the Bertlemann slide, called after surfing leader Larry Bertlemann, right into the roads. Their very early ventures into riding upright swimming pool wall surfaces likewise called for more tough, safety clothes than beachy board shorts.

The 1975 National Skateboarding Championships in Del Mar are additionally remembered as the point in skateboarding history when the counter-cultural edge multiplied by Alva and the Z-Boys collided head-on with the old, gymnastics-driven design of skate boarding. In the freshly rejuvenated skateboarding scene, the new Dogtown style effected a radical standard change.


Backed as well as created by Tony Alva: Advertising for the extremely first skateboard-specific Vans footwear.

The crucial enabler to this brand-new, gnarly style of skate boarding had actually been the urethane wheel, opening a brand-new world of sharper turns and also previously unrideable terrain.This style of riding had actually received a major boost in popularity during the 1976 drought in Southern California that left a globe of vacant swimming pools open for expedition from Beverly Hills right to San Diego.

As one of the crucial leaders on the center of skateboarding in empty swimming pools, Tony Alva understood that it was time for one more cutting-edge step in skateboard equipment: cushioned, skateboard-specific footwear constructed difficult sufficient to stand up to the wear and tear of pool skate boarding.

With a design for a brand-new, much more sturdy shoe in mind, Alva got in touch with Vans, his shoe sponsor from 1974 onwards, and offered Vans creator Paul Van Doren on an adaptation of the traditional Vans Authentic deck footwear. Teeming with a grippy, waffle-patterned rubber sole, collar padding as well as helpful heel mug, the Vans Age version, co-designed by Tony Alva, made history as the worlds initially skateboard-specific shoe, featuring the timeless Bizarre motto above the heel.

On the planet of skateboarding, previously a simple darkness sensation of searching, the arrival of the Vans Age marked the dawn of skateboard style as we understand it.


The Vans offer put rocket boots on Tony Alvas popularity. Out of all the hard-charging Z-Boys, that all went different means after the Breeze team disbanded in 1976, it was Alva who would ultimately take skate boarding into rock star area. As well as while Alva already knew just how to roll, he learned just how to shake with best of them from jet-setting millionaire and also web surfer, Bunker Spreckels (SPLIT).

Coming from money, Spreckels stylized himself into a larger-than-life surfing extremely star, referred to as The Player, worn leather coats as well as hair layers, bordered by a perpetual bedlam of events and chicks and also weed and coke as well as orgies. Alva lived with Spreckels in Los Angeles as well as Hawaii for a duration, during which he crafted his very own negative kid character as well as closet.

Shelter Spreckels was a full-on multi-million dollar playboy jet-setter. He had a lot of rock n roll impact on our design when we were off the board, stated Tony Alva, while mentioning: But on the board we primarily put on things that was connected with sporting way of living. Like what Torger [Johnson] utilized to wear, create he was from the Palisades and Malibu good sporty tennis gear and also shorts as well as coats.

Off the board, Alva would certainly take to using leather coats and club attire, and also a renowned Art Maker photograph illustrates T.A. alongside Spreckels in an all-white fit with his lions mane hair tucked under a wide-brimmed sunlight hat. Swagger. At high-profile skateboarding events, Alva would appear in competition fits covered in decorative rhinestones, custom-made by celeb tailor Nudie Cohn.

The Skateboard Fashion Journey of Tony Alva photo 1

After Bunker Spreckels passed away at the age of 27 in 1977, Alva lugged the rock n roll torch in skateboarding, taking very fame to new elevations.

Bunker Spreckels was a full-on multi-million buck playboy jet-setter. He had a lot of rock n roll impact on our design when we were off the board.


Not your average old guy hat: Fedora as made popular by Tony Alva in the late 1970s.

As Alvas appeal rose, the Los Angeles indigenous ended up being a globally identified design icon, visiting from London to Germany to Tokyo as skate boardings most recognized ambassador. Alvas signature hat a slim fedora with conical brim would become his business card accessory, deeply engrained right into the cumulative skateboarding psyche.

Inquired about the ideas for the fedora formerly referred to as an old males hat Alva permitted that it stemmed, not from stylistic escapades right into rock n roll couture, but from his Hispanic origins and also Los Angeles street culture.

We were affected by the road. Thats just how we began to wear fedoras. And thats likewise how we used the type of chinos, the khaki trousers the Mexican kids were wearing. Street style in L.A. has constantly been Chicano-influenced, Mexican-influenced, stated Tony Alva.

On the far West Side, Venice had a great deal of Chicano influence due to the fact that there were a great deal of Mexican kids that matured there. Yet if you visited East L.A. Boyle Heights or you went to Lincoln Heights those children were using the same point, except the people at the coastline were skateboarders and also internet users, while the skaters from the central city were simply skateboarders.

Street design in L.A. has actually always been Chicano-influenced, Mexican-influenced.


Concrete waves: T.A. skating legendary Hawaiian spot Wallows throughout his job for Logan Earth Ski.

The year 1977 confirmed a banner year for skateboarding earnings from skateboard products covered $400 million according to The Chicago Tribune and Tony Alva cemented his title as the globes finest skateboarder on the competitive circuit as component of the Logan Planet Ski team. Alongside winning the Mens Overall Specialist World Champion title in 1977, Alva also established the Guinness Book of World Records for jumping 17 barrels (he cleared 19 barrels later that year).

Much like his idol Torger Johnson, Alva developed right into an all-terrain skateboarder riding freestyle, slalom, banks, pools and strived to be the very best at whatever, with the swagger to back it up, constantly bordered by autograph-seeking admirers as well as a claque of fan boys.

Outside the competitive field, where champs are crowned, Alva earned regard where it counted in the yard swimming pools where tales are born. In the summertime of 1977, all the celebrities of his stylistic legacy lined up the fedora, the wild hair, the soaring design when Alva landed what is credited as the globes first frontside aerial in a swimming pool, caught in a Glen E. Friedman picture at L.A.s Pet dog Bowl. Skateboardings high-flying rock star had taken the sport above the lip, off the wall and aerials became the brand-new money of skateboardings progression.

That year, Alva was voted Skateboarder of the Year in Skateboarder Publications Viewers Survey. The only way was up, and also the next sensible thing to do, was begin his very own brand.


Rock star style: Tony Alva striking a present in attitude-driven advertisement for his very own skateboard brand.

As the best skateboarder on the circuit and also ringleader of a brand-new style motion, Alva immediately gathered assistance for his own skateboard brand. He located a service partner in Pete Zhender, who saw in the 19-year-old a value stock gone to very fame. As well as while previous skateboard brand names complied with the blueprint of sports tools manufacturers running product-based advertisements with sports efficiency as the focus Alva and partners decided to switch things up.

With image-driven advertisements and also way of living messaging, Alva Skates championed a brand-new means of advertising and marketing skateboarding. As well as by placing Tony Alva at the center, and also literally making him the brand, the firm set the plan for a new generation of rider-owned and operated skateboard labels.

Attitude and also lifestyle: Skateboard publication promotions for Alva Skates.

(Technically, the very first professional skateboarder-operated company was Hermosa Beach-based Logan Planet Ski, started in 1970 by skateboardings Royal Family members Brian, Brad, Robin, and Globe Champion Bruce Logan. But Alva Skates was initial to put a specific rider front and facility.)

Quickly enough, 10s of thousands of orders for Alva-branded skateboards can be found in, and the Alva logo became an identifiable brand symbol aboard and Tee shirts. The lettering for the logo was produced by developer Eric Monson, that developed cd covers for punk rock bands. He did it in cursive like a high-end manuscript logo, like Ferrari or Cadillac, and it was a wonderful fit not just for the brand name, yet it likewise looked like a signature. My trademark is really rather comparable, but not the same, said Tony Alva.

Hallmark popularity: The Alva Skates logo design is one of the most well-known brand name icons in skateboarding to day.

Eric likewise did all the advertisements, which had all these Photoshop-looking graphics prior to computers. He cut them out with scissors as well as pasted stuff up with adhesive sticks. Alva Skates ads stay right stuff of tale in skateboard advertising and marketing. Including photography by Raul Vega in clean, contemporary layouts on simple histories, the ads stuck out from rivals through never showing the act of skateboarding.

Rather than athletic performance, the attitude-centered campaigns revealed Alva relaxing with Patricia Morrison from rock band Sis of Mercy, standing in front of a graveyard with Jesus hair gone along with by the companys contact number as the only information, while Alva wheels were introduced with the motto THIS IS NOT AN AD. Ground-breaking things.


Ahead of its time: The 1978 collection designed Alva Clothing featured micro puffer nylon pieces, years before it came to be trendy.

Developed by Alvas partner Wayne Woods, Alva Apparel set out to blaze a brand-new path in skateboard fashion. With their garish neon tones of orange as well as intense environment-friendly and infant blue, the futuristic-looking puffy nylon shorts and long-sleeve t-shirts took skateboarding into the realm of haute couture.

The Skateboard Fashion Journey of Tony Alva photo 2

It belonged to the advancement of skate style where it was influenced by hard rock and art and New Wave, claimed Tony Alva, which why the shades were rather brilliant on that things. We just did that for a couple of years, however we did have some success with it.

At the height of its appeal, Alva Clothes was offered at high end outlet store such as Bloomingdales and also Macys, beside designer styles of the time. In skateboard circles, the collections were primarily rejected for their outlandishness.

Eventually, Alva Clothings mainstream success likewise confirmed its failure. Allegedly, the brand name had difficulties staying on par with the sheer volume of orders coming in from around the world.

In knowledge, Tony Alva has blended sensations regarding his clothing line. If you want to know the fact, I believed it was a mistake. However you need to make blunders in order to make progress and also to see what works and what doesnt. To take a skateboard company and a brand that represents hardcore attitude towards skateboarding and also try and go into some big garments company, I would certainly never do that once again.

It became part of the development of skate fashion where it was affected by hard rock and also art and also New Wave.


Landmarks of skateboard background: Picture of Tony Alva for his 60th birthday by artist Marcos Cabrera.

The financial after effects from Alva Garments additionally noted the death of Alva Skateboards, a high price to pay for Alva at the time. Then again, his firm had actually set a new standard for exactly how high a personality-based brand could go in skateboarding.

After Alva Skates went out of business, T.A. concentrated on skate boarding and also the arising punk rock movement.

All that fashion stuff to me appeared like a little bit of a wild-goose chase. Trigger I figured I would rather be skating, Id instead be surfing. Id instead be simulating things I thought were even more hardcore.

Unusual gems: Prototypes for 1980s Alva Shoes, never ever launched into serial production.

Alva lovingly bears in mind the changes impacted by hard rock in skate boarding as a golden era. I believe the most effective time for me was the late 70s and also right into the very early 80s. There was a change that happened after that. The web surfer, street, low-rider design mosted likely to a full-on hardcore rockn roll hard rock design. Songs has always been a large influence when it pertains to style. Due to the fact that it goes together with attitude, claimed Tony Alva.

But as fate would certainly have it, the rise of punk rock in skateboarding additionally coincided with the failure of skateboardings 2nd wave of mass popularity. Skate parks, the focus of 1970s skateboarding, closed down by the hundreds and skateboard involvement contracted to yard origins degrees.

All that fashion stuff to me seemed like a little a wild-goose chase. Cause I figured I prefer to be skating, Id rather be surfing.


Alva in 2018: On the cover of the Vans special edition of Skateboarding Is Not a Fashion.

Although Tony Alva restored Alva Skates in 1982 with young prodigy Christian Hosoi as their next-generation group biker, the punk rock years marked a dark time for skateboardings first rock star. With punk rock came celebrations and also liquor as well as medications, as well as for many years, Alva viewed some of his closest good friends and also peers in skateboarding as well as music lose the battle against their inner satanic forces.

In 2007, T.A. triumphed, discovered spirituality and also ended up being clean. That year, he started the band G.F.P.(General Fucking Principle) with experienced hard rock artists Tom Paul Davis from DFL, Greg Hetson from Circle Jerks and also Bad Religious Beliefs, and Amery Smith from Self-destructive Propensities.

Im one of minority guys in the skate boarding and hard rock world that is, firstly, still below. And also second of all, still to life. And also third, Im sober. That by itself is remarkable as well as its from having a greater power in your life and also a connection with God. Gods got your back, said Tony Alva.

The credit scores mosts likely to God, because God provided me the elegance to walk through a great deal of gnarly points in my life and also still be below.

At age 61, Alva takes pleasure in skateboarding as well as surfing, and dealing with the excellent crossbreed surfboard form with his company, Alva Surfcraft. In the fashion division, the style symbol nowadays likes to keep it tidy, not also dirtied. The dreadlocks as well as the beard don’t necessarily enhance your fashion reputation when youre using dirty clothes.

Alva display at the Skate boarding Is Not a Style book opening in Los Angeles.

My wardrobe is a mixture of activity sporting activities meets rockn roll, great khakis, flannels. Im a jacket addict so I have a lot of coats, about 20 coats. Inquired about his favorite brand names as well as designers, Alva noted vintage pieces from the 70s and 80s, like Paul Smith or jackets by Yves Saint Laurent, old vintage Lacoste jackets, Marni sunglasses.

One of the skateboarders forever engraved right into skate boardings Mount Rushmore, Tony Alva continues to take a trip the world as one of skateboarding as well as hard rock worldwide ambassadors.

The credit goes to God, due to the fact that God gave me the elegance to walk through a great deal of gnarly things in my life and still be below. Now I can assist others by telling my story. Whether it be surfing, skateboarding, songs, fashion, art you call it. I have a link to all those things as a result of the truth that I have actually lived long enough to appreciate it.

Skateboarding is Not a Fashion

For the complete tale on Tony Alva et cetera of the Z-Boys, checked out the initial official publication on skate boarding garments, Skate boarding is not a Fashion, released by Gingko Press.

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