Meet the Skateboarder Behind the Cult of Tom (Penny) Instagram Account

Heres the deal: If youre a skateboarder and also not adhering to the Cult of Tom Instagram account, youre doing it incorrect.

This valued fan account over 22,500 fans and also counting is devoted to commemorating the special skate boarding skills of professional biker Tom Cent from Oxford, England. For die-hard fans, Cult of Tom is a long-awaited answer. Basically what social networks was designed for to begin with.

Formerly undetected footage, hard-to-find video as well as best-of mosaics are assembling the tradition of the enigmatic skateboarder that pertained to America in 1995 and also closed down every place in his course with next-level technological skill, impressive trick choice and one of the most nonchalant, hands-down design in background.

Include in that a feeling of enigma How can any individual go so huge without visible effort? Is he hacking the Matrix? Why did he go away for numerous years at the elevation of his fame? complying with Tom Dime to this extremely day. Plus, rather than other pros of his era, Penny never ever cared if any person filmed his feats, or where the footage wound up and also who saw it.

So its no coincidence that hardly any various other living skateboarder regulates a cult following as big as the reclusive Flip Skateboards and SUPRA Shoes pro. (If youre new to the Cult of Tom Penny, look into Mackenzie Eisenhours superb point of view in TransWorld Skateboarding.)

As well as given that we ourselves have truthfully come to be connected on all the epic new pieces to the Tom Penny puzzle streaming right into our synapses through Instagram, we reached out to the male behind the account. ILLUMINATED PAPER speak to American skateboarder Will certainly Howe concerning hunting down shed footage, his henchmans, marketing Penny-themed tees and hoodies, and also the long-lasting charm of Sir Tom Dime. Light em if you obtained em.

Huge snaps: Cult leader Will Howe pops one from level over a bike in The golden state in 2004.

Many thanks for putting in the time to inform us concerning Cult of Tom. Please briefly present yourself as well as your background in skate boarding.

Hey Dirk! Whats up guy, my name is Will. I function below in town delivering food right now, and Instagram a bit. I first began skating in the mid-nineties in Oxnard and also Ventura, The golden state. So I kinda stop playing all sporting activities and also counted on skating for all of high school and have actually been following skating considering that.

The mid-1990s were the most effective. Im grateful we have that alike. Im from Germany and also we understood concerning Dime rather beforehand, because the Flip Skateboards group would take a trip to Hamburg a whole lot to skate the indoor park, around 1992 and 1993. So we had seen Tom, Geoff Rowley and also Rune Glifberg skate on an entire different degree. When did your fascination with Tom Penny begin, exactly?

I would certainly say summer season of 1995 is when I first took notice of Penny as well as skate boarding as a whole, actually. My pal had some tapes like etnies Hi-5, Life In The Rapid Lane, and Transworld Uno. He type of presented me to skating as well as the video clips obtained me offered on skating.

Numerous skateboarders, especially from the mid-1990s, share your fascination. How do you explain Tom Pennys special attraction as well as enigma?

Guy this is a difficult one. Sickness simply promote myself on this set as there is a lot to such as (laughs). When I see Penny I get this truly interested feeling. Like the method he moves and also does his techniques is so much different as well as better than what I expect to see. Some kind of body proportion or something. I have not fairly figured it out Yet yep, for me its simply that his skating is so great I cant get enough.

When I view Dime I get this really curious feeling. Like the means he moves and does his tricks is a lot various and also better than what I expect to see. Some kind of body proportion or something. I haven’t rather figured it out

Developing the Cult of Tom

What made you make a decision to create an Instagram committed to Tom Penny? As well as when did you begin?

When I started the account, I had actually been back into skating for concerning a year. I had a lot of free time as well as was trying to find something to place my energy right into, so I began truly researching all the pros. I discovered myself viewing The Legend of Tom Cent and some other clips on YouTube repeatedly, day and night. For a good year before tampering Instagram I would simply enjoy and also think of Tom Pennys skating obsessively. I got the idea in my mind late 2015 to place these clips on Insta, looked like a great idea.

Its like exactly what social media sites was created for. What has been the action as well as just how has your following created with time?

Instantly every person was hyped on the account. Real love, also. DMs and also messages from around the world of individuals desiring more and more. So yeah, from primarily the initial couple of posts, until now the feedback has actually been the same. Mad love as well as favorable power. Tom Penny is the shit for real. Thanks, Tom !!

One thing concerning Penny is that several of his most impressive tricks were never filmed, like that 360 kickflip from the S Shoes ad (also check out Transworlds eye witness account as told by Mackenzie Eisenhour). Other techniques were just caught by amateur filmers. Where on earth do you locate several of these rare gems, like obscure skate park clips from the very early 1990s? Do you have any kind of main contributors to shout out?

There are a couple of routine contributors. Proclaim to Ciaran and Matt for helping keep the web content fresh. The rarest stuff obtains sent in from those who recorded it themselves, which is always exciting! Its most definitely a neighborhood affair. As any type of cult should be, right? (laughs)

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What are several of the most enchanting clips you have unearthed over the years? That behind 5-0 shove-it thats not a shove-it certainly blew my mind. Do you have a leading 3?

Oh man there are a couple of. Id state the demonstration video footage from Southside Skatepark in Texas with the 360 kickflip over the pyramid, and also heelflip run over that same pyramid is my preferred so far. His component in Souvenirs Obscura is insane, I publish it a whole lot. There are a few mini ramp sessions from South America that are remarkable as well. Its all so great!! I can simply see and enjoy it once more and also never ever get tired of it. So excited wherefore else we can discover.

The rarest things obtains sent in from those who filmed it themselves, which is always interesting! Its certainly a neighborhood affair. As any type of cult should be, right?

The Legend Continues

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Its so amazing you have actually constructed a network of people who share their footage of these rare minutes. Do you have any type of individual Tom Cent tales and has he replied to your Insta?

I don’t have any type of legendary skate stories however (laughs)! But yes, I got the possibility to talk to Tom on the phone concerning a year earlier and also it was an unique experience. Many thanks Tom, your clips are the most wonderful!!

For the young guns, if somebody was to dive into the awesomeness of Tom Dime, what is an excellent video part( s) or other media to begin? As well as what is your word of advice to them?

Id state this to any person that wants to dive into the awesomeness of skating, period, young or old. Enjoy all of the clips on Cult of Tom as often times as you can. Also have a look at TSAsLife In The Rapid Lane, etnies Hi-5, as well as Transworld Uno. Remember it was all initial shot. Thats it. The skating is so excellent that simply enjoying the clips alone can get you addicted. Brainwash yourselves!

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As well as ultimately, where can people acquire Cult of Tom merchandise and also what are some forthcoming items in the line-up?

Weve obtained some pieces that we recently marketed that I was rather into. We have some brand-new stuff coming, well placed anything on I wan na place some other performance on the website also, well see!

Best of luck with that said. Thanks for the interview, Will. Please maintain doing what youre doing.

See the Cult of Tom site.

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I obtained the possibility to talk to Tom on the phone regarding a year back as well as it was an unique experience. Thanks Tom, your clips are the most enchanting!!

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