Inside the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum in Simi Valley

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People have a tendency to act like skate boarding is a brand-new sport or some type of young practice thats still finding its way in the grand system of things. However just because cities are constructing 500 basketball or tennis courts for every single public skateboard park available, its not as if skateboarding has no history.

Simply the opposite.

Relying on whom you ask, skateboarding has been around for a minimum of 70 years, probably much longer. The first store-bought skateboards showed up in the 1950s, however DIY-crafted skateboards or skate mobility scooters appeared long prior to World War II. And also, skateboarding experienced four enormous boom periods throughout the years, each with its own riding designs, pioneers, as well as fashion fads.

Yet whos maintaining this history active?

Apart from a few enthusiasts and also a handful of privately-operated skateboard museums, skate boarding lacks the kind of memory culture discovered in extra mainstream athletic searches. Basketball, baseball and ice hockey each have their own Hall of Fame, and also these locations of living memory as well as tribute are a substantial offer for fans as well as professional athletes alike.

Step into skate boarding background: The brand-new Skate boarding Hall of Fame area at Simi Community Facility exterior mall.

In 2010, the main Skateboarding Hall of Fame stepped in to load this gap. Created by skateboard collection agency as well as background buff Todd Huber, co-founder of now inoperative Skatelab skatepark in Simi Valley, the Hall of Popularity is providing an enduring record of famous skateboarders who left their mark throughout the decades.

Every year, practically a dozen new conscripts join the rankings of skateboard trailblazers such as Tony Alva, Lance Mountain, Natas Kaupas and also Danny Means, along with social icons like Glen E. Friedman and Black Flag.

The growing checklist of Skate boarding Hall of Popularity conscripts is a testimony to the development of skate boarding and also the cyclists, business owners, musicians, professional photographers as well as social pressures that have made skate boarding what it is today.

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We always love when #skateboardinghalloffame Legends go to the area. Today we were stired to offer Mr @glenefriedman and his boy an excursion. Nice to see you Glen and also thanks for stopping by.

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In major information, Todd Huber lately located a new residence for the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum. He invested years packing the extensive collection of over 5,000 historic skateboards going back to the 1940s into a permanent display at Skatelab. Currently it has space to radiate in its full magnificence at Simi Valley Community Center shopping center

The brand-new space flaunts a small ramp with a wall surface ride, regular skate courses, extensive skate video clip and magazine collections, plus lots of memorabilia from Skate boarding Hall of Popularity conscripts.

Basically, its the past, present and future of skate boarding right under the same roof covering.

ILLUMINATED PAPER speak with gallery owner and manager Todd Huber regarding the importance of recognizing skate boardings pioneers, traditional Hall of Popularity induction speeches and also whats next for the non-profit procedure.

Curator of Skateboard History: Hall of Popularity founder Todd Huber on Facetime with ILLUMINATED PAPER.

Congratulations on your new room, Todd. When did the new Hall of Fame open as well as how big is the space?

We opened up on December 15, 2018. Right on time for the Vacation sale. This made use of to be an Urban Outfitters, so its a great large space at 10,000 square feet. Were right throughout from the VANS store in an exterior shopping center right here in Simi, so its ideal.

What can visitors experience at the brand-new Skateboarding Hall of Popularity?

The overall concept is truly that of a college. Were mosting likely to show you everything about the background of skate boarding, however were additionally going to show you how to ride a skateboard. We have a full-on skate boarding institution called Skate U, the College of Skate boarding.

Our courses have actually already begun and also the miniramp below is really fun. Its 24-foot broad with various levels and a wallride, completely available to the general public. The ramp was implemented by a contribution from the Midler household, parents of pro skater Alex Midler, as well as its covered in epic Skatelite surface.

Inside the Skate Boarding Hall of Fame: Browse the worlds biggest collection of DIY-skateboards as well as pro versions from very early beginnings till today.

You can also visually explore the history of skate boarding in our gallery. We have the largest collection of DIY-boards going back to the 1940s and also we have boards from all periods in between until today. Its an incredible wall surface with thousands of skateboards.

And also, we have a collection featuring almost every print skateboard publication ever released, including Thrasher, TransWorld, SLAP, Big Sibling and also older ones like Skateboarder or Activity Now. Plus, theres our VHS collection of timeless skateboard video clips as well as tons of publications accessible to everybody. Finally, theres our store where we market brand-new skateboards with a concentrate on high-grade completes for novices.

Do you have a special area for SHoF conscripts?

Because were the main Skateboarding Hall of Popularity, its likewise regarding celebrating our inductees. For every person we display a historical board they rode in their prime next to popular images as well as souvenirs. You can start by learning more about a leader like Bruce Logan, our extremely first conscript that happened to visit the new room the other day as well as function your method approximately our most recent inductees from 2018.

Thanks for stopping by: First-ever SHoF inductee and also 1970s skateboarding leader Bruce Logan check outs Todd Huber in his brand-new room. Photo: Skateboarding Hall of Fame Instagram

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Youre really combining previous and also future generations of skate boarding under one roofing system. Do you additionally host occasions or programs?

Occasions are likewise a vital focus. Were currently working on a photography program for the summer as well as an event called Lunch with the Logans where people can experience lunch with all four Logan family skaters as a fundraising occasion. One more emphasis is giving back to the area, like we did at Skatelab, by elevating food donations for the homeless.

Are you establish as a charitable company?

We run as a charitable, so something that has actually helped us getting to this factor is donations. In 2018 we had the ability to mobilize enough cash to buy a computer system, some tvs for the gallery as well as obtain some signs going. People also supply hands-on support. As an example, our ramp building contractor, Kevin Hewitt did not bill us for any of the labor. Which was simply significant! And we such as classic skateboards, publications, anything individuals want to aid us with.

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The Wall of Fame inside The Hall of Fame is finished. Come browse through! We will be open in a few weeks. #skateboardinghalloffame

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What were some standout contributions from your advocates up until now?

Lance Mountain donated 14 boxes of skate boarding publications to our library. A lot of them have address sticker labels that claim Lance Mountain, which is rather great. He could have quickly sold those mags on as well as made a great deal of cash. Yet rather he placed them in his trunk, increased right here to Simi Valley, trembled my hand and claimed: Take excellent treatment of them.

And also just the other day Jerry Madrid, who started Madrid Skateboards, called me as well as requested for my address to send some stuff. When people that have made such a huge contribution to skateboarding contribute as well as others see it, the entire point simply mushrooms and thats truly motivating to other individuals.

Its also essential to say that the Skate boarding Hall of Fame is not just about our yearly induction events, yet a real physical location that individuals can see right below in Simi Valley.


Meet the inductees: Portraits of 2015 Skate Boarding Hall of Popularity enhancements by artist Robert Whitley.

Its excellent that you are so close to bona-fide skateboard pioneers. What is the philosophy behind the Skate boarding Hall of Popularity?

Before we began the Skate boarding Hall of Popularity, there were no museums or anybody honoring skate boardings leaders. There were people that had collections, like Brewce [Martin] from Skatopia or Dale Smith, yet no public museums.

Thats when I determined to move my entire collection out of my garage and also right into the world where people can see it as well as get stired on it. Simply to enlighten people that there is a substantial background in skateboarding. And also although were in an absolutely brand-new room, Ive made this collection offered to the public [at Skatelab] over 21 years ago. Its likewise important to claim that the Skateboarding Hall of Popularity is not nearly our annual induction events, yet an actual physical place that people can visit right below in Simi Valley.

Mentioning new SHoF inductions, the annual induction event is a huge gala occasion, right?

The induction ceremony is usually in Might and also we have it at The Grove Theater in Anaheim, The golden state enabled on this scale by support from VANS and the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC). In 2015 we had about a thousand individuals and also its really touching to see the emotions and also genuineness in the approval speeches. Its meaningful. The whole thing is not simply some ceremony, but really substantial to everyone.

You actually hear it in the speeches. Incidentally, you can check them out on the SHoF YouTube channel. John Cardiel for example at one point in his speech was so overwhelmed, he blurted this barking primitive scream. Waaahhh! Which completion of the entire speech, unbelievable.

Any type of various other highlights throughout the years?

A lot of. Yet my other preferred inductee was possibly Eric Dressen, he was so genuine and also placed all of it with each other flawlessly. Due to the fact that otherwise he is such a peaceful man. As well as he was currently one of my faves back in 1978, when he was just a little kid blowing up.

Skate background aficionados: Todd Huber with skateboard history publication author Jurgen Blumlein and Hall of Famer Patti McGee.

How many inductees are added each year and also that reaches nominate as well as vote?

It ranges from 8 to twelve new inductees annually. Theres a Nomination Committee and over 400 voters within the skateboard industry. Its all discussed on our web site. There is one conscript in each classification going from the 1960s to the 2000s. Yearly, the Nomination Committee chooses who gets included in the ballot.

Supervising all of it is the Skate Boarding Hall of Fame Executive Committee, containing Lance Hill, Jim Muir, Laura Thornhill-Caswell, Steve Olson, Dave Hackett, Thomas Barker and myself. There have been times when we needed to action in as well as veto some choices.

Generally, we could allow Lance Mountain run the entire thing (laughs). He feels in one’s bones! He understands whos official and need to go in. Lance also said, If I obtain sworn in before Rodney Mullen, I quit. Im refraining from doing this any longer. When it pertains to skate background, no one knows more than Lance.

Its extremely touching to see the feelings as well as genuineness in the acceptance speeches. Its meaningful. The whole point is not just some ceremony, yet really substantial to every person.


Mentioning skateboard background, how important is having a Hall of Popularity for skateboard society generally? Due to the fact that we don’t see that several homages or referrals to the pioneers on a regular basis.

I have always thought that these riders as well as their payments really matter. Prior to the Hall of Popularity, we held an event called the Old School Skate Jam around 2001 in our bowl at Skatelab. All the tales came out, like Tony Alva, Bruce Logan, as well as Duane Peters. El Gato. Tony Hawk. You can ask any one of those men, theyll state it was one of the very best nights of their lives.

Inside the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum in Simi Valley image 2

It was the really initial occasion to bring all those guys together. Everybody that used to fight it out in the past involved Skatelab for a session. To me that mattered a whole lot. Their skating had been such a huge part of my life. I intended to reveal them that people do respect their contributions.

Most of the cyclists you pointed out are still very active as well as noticeable in skate boarding, like Tony Hawk. But others turned professional as well as made their contribution when the rewards were extremely brief. So Hall of Popularity condition can be a long due motion of acknowledgment, right?

Individuals contrast us to the Rockn Roll Hall of Fame, yet those individuals in music made a shit-ton of money! For many individuals in the Skateboarding Hall of Popularity points did not work out like that. They didnt get the regard they was worthy of.

Respect often tends to be rather short-lived in skate boarding. It appears that professional skateboarders need to constantly make their regard in the scene. Does the Hall of Popularity make a more permanent contribution to memory society?

Well, I believe these guys are around skating since they wish to. I think Tony Alva still wishes to skate. Sure, VANS is putting on events and asking him to be there. But he could conveniently state that hell appear and also not skate or verify himself. Nobody is making him do it. These men simply want to. They cant assist it.

Or when Bruce Logan came over recently. He hadnt stood on a skateboard in a long period of time and had been via some crashes. However unexpectedly, I look over and also theres Bruce Logan in the back all by himself, riding a skateboard! He saw one of his old boards on the wall surface and just couldnt assistance it.

On that note, what is the feedback from conscripts on being added to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame?

It suggests a great deal to them. Consider [Dave] Hackett and [Alan] Losis social media sites account images its their Hall of Popularity trophy!

Game changer: Skate boarding Hall of Popularity conscript Neil Mixer.

People compare us to the Rockn Roll Hall of Popularity, however those people in songs made a shit-ton of money! For many individuals in the Skate boarding Hall of Popularity points did not exercise like that. They didnt obtain the respect they was entitled to.

Thats incredible to see! What are your following steps for the Skate boarding Hall of Popularity?

I only authorized a two-year lease in this space so its short-term. But the idea is to build the gallery as a masterpiece, like a design residence, to reveal officials from other cities what the museum could be like for their town. Theres certainly rate of interest. Ive already talked with the City of Anaheim and also the City of Los Angeles.

I really desire it to be in Southern California due to the fact that skateboarding is absolutely one of things were understood for. Skateboarding and surfing become part of our society and every person that matured here at least had a little bit of background with a skateboard child and also girl.

I know you have components of the collection that are still in boxes until you locate a large enough space. Is that the best objective?

My ultimate goal is to locate a permanent house where I can unload my collection forever. And leave it there to share it with everybody in the world and after that die with it there, too. Its something thats certainly going to last beyond my life time. I want to be the manager of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame for the rest of my life and afterwards leave all this background to the future generation.

Many thanks for all youre doing, Todd, additionally sustaining our skateboard history publications through all these years. And thanks for the meeting, the new space turned out so good.

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The Wall of Fame inside The Hall of Popularity is ended up. Come browse through! We will certainly be open in a few weeks. #skateboardinghalloffame

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