Meet the Writer Behind the New Skateboard History Book The Next Wave

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The early 2000s were a golden era of journalism in skateboard history. In the United States, the freshly restarted Skateboarder Publication explored the nuances of skate culture with some of the days finest skateboard authors on personnel. The Skateboard Mag elevated the look as well as high quality of print publications, while the divine trinity of Put, Thrasher, and TransWorld Skateboarding kept their unique voices at newsstands worldwide. Magazine publishing was also still profitable enough to endure outliers like the way of life driven TransWorld car Stance.

Over in Europe, Authority Magazine set out to supply a platform for a unified European skate scene and also published four language versions (English, French, Spanish, and German) on a month-to-month basis at the elevation of its print run. Every nation throughout Western Europe was house to a minimum of four routine print publications, and also the quantity of words discussed skate boarding as well as the variety of writers getting paid to pen them was at an all-time high.

Fast-forward to 2020 as well as look just how times have changed.

Printed skateboarding magazines have actually mainly gone the method of the dodo. The majority of skate mags from twenty years earlier have either gone completely digital or disappeared. The last also puts on full-time jobs for skateboard writers as well as other chroniclers of skateboard history. In a digitally disrupted skateboard media landscape, the death of print publishing has actually left an open hole in the business economics of skateboard journalism; an opening just really few authors manage to fill up nowadays in what has come to be a consistent hustle of side jobs and also one-off post commissions for brands or skate sellers.

All the shred thats fit to print: Problems of Thrasher Publication from the early aughts offered source information for The Following Wave.

On that note, just how does a new generation of skateboard authors even get a beginning under these circumstances?

Go Into Daniel Fedkenheuer. At age 24, the New Jersey transplant has established strong origins in the California skate boarding scene. He has actually efficiently used his composing skill to Concrete Wave magazine as one of minority titles that still published a print edition till just recently, in addition to electronic electrical outlets such as Everything Skate Boarding and the Stoked Rideshop web site. To pay the bills, Daniel landed a full time task at one of the skate industrys most fabled brand conglomerates, Dwindle Distribution in El Segundo.

Over the last two-and-a-half years, Daniel also narrated skateboard history from 1999 till 2020 in a brand-new book entitled The Next Wave, released in partnership with the Skate boarding Hall of Fame and Gallery (SHoF) in Simi Valley, California (likewise read our Illpaper interview with SHoF mastermind Todd Huber). Available now, the full-color softcover book paints a brilliant picture of the past two decades via meetings with skateboard industry representatives such as Don Brown, Mark Seas, Soy Panday, as well as George Powell as well as pro skateboarders consisting of Paul P-Rod Rodriguez, Vanessa Torres, Leo Baker, and also Greg Lutzka.

In our ILLUMINATED PAPER meeting, Daniel Fedkenheuer describes the genesis of his skateboard history book The Next Wave as well as information leaving his East Coastline life behind to pursue the skateboarding life in bright The golden state. Order a nice cup of tea or coffee for this set.

Pass on: Skateboard author Daniel Fedkenheuer rises his shred stick on the Globe mini ramp in El Segundo. Picture photo by Chris Bywater.

Please introduce on your own and exactly how you got associated with skate boarding.

My name is Daniel Fedkenheuer as well as I am 24 years old. I first obtained involved in skateboarding concerning a years earlier, after my home town in New Jersey constructed our local park. I took a couple of years learning just how to tre flip as well as knowing which office complex around had no security guards.

Was skate boarding also the factor for leaving New Jacket?

By the time I loved the way of living that the skate industry predicted, I realized that the scene in north, suburban New Jacket was almost nonexistent. As I aged and prepared to move out of my hometown, I began networking online and taking steps to pursue an occupation related to skate boarding extra seriously. As soon as I finished college, I followed the imagine moving out to California as well as have been operating in the market since.

Composing became my car for mosting likely to events, checking out different business and linking me to the globe of other skateboarders that my home town did not have.

Just how did you make a decision to end up being a writer and also, by extension, just how did you start blogging about skate boarding?

In the procedure of trying to put my name out there, I connected with Michael Brooke, previous editor of Concrete Wave Publication. Though I lacked any kind of prior experience, he embraced the reality that I aspired to obtain involved.

Thats awesome. I got going by attaching to a skateboard supplier in Germany who was beginning his own magazine in the very early 1990s. They sat me down and stated, This is an Apple Macintosh computer system as well as we took it from there. What was your very first job at Concrete Wave?

I began by redesigning their internet site and normally, we required web content to fill it. To do so, Michael directed me via different composing assignments as well as attached me with loads of individuals from his network in New York City as well as past. Composing became my automobile for mosting likely to occasions, going to different companies and attaching me to the world of various other skateboarders that my home town did not have.


High society: Option of Baker Skateboards decks from the very early 2000s.

You secured a permanent position in the skateboard market to promote your transfer to California. What are your duties at Dwindle?

My permanent gig at Dwindle is functioning as a Within Sales Agent. After some current modifications, I currently oversee sales for every one of our core skate shops in the USA, Canada, and also South America. I work with a strong group of outdoors associates to process orders for skate stores and also make certain that they are stocked with the ideal mix of item that proposes them.

Does your day work link to your composing job concerning skateboard background?

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Truthfully, my permanent work is rather separate from the composing I do on the side. I would certainly like to make it much more connected though. Ive formed relationships with a bunch of store owners, skaters and musicians through this work. My strategy is to begin working together with these people and feature them in future magazines.

Speaking of magazines, what type of media and also publications do you compose for?

In the past, Ive created primarily on the web. Specifically, Ive added to a number of magazines and ran blog sites for a store and also a little bearing company for a time period.

As of late, Ive been trying to make some brand-new connections and straighten with smaller, independent authors. I just recently began dealing with Stoke A lot, a publication based right here in LA. By nature, their goal is to highlight the imaginative society of skate boarding and the individual behind it, Zach Moldof, encourages lengthy kind material. After composing something as actual as a history publication, its been a refreshing modification of rate to try out some even more theoretical writing for their upcoming issues.


Shred patrol: A SoCal policeman operating a 360 kickflip on flat as seen in The Next Wave. Image Andrew Durso.

Generally it seems like the quantity of covering skateboarding has actually substantially decreased, with all the print magazines gone as well as everything pivoted to video. What are your thoughts?

In the printed kind, it definitely feels as though typical editorial has dropped by the wayside. Its in some cases discouraging to think that the only regular literary works we obtain as a neighborhood are the monthly Thrashers and also the periodic Free Skate Mag problems that make their means over from Europe.

Do you believe that digital media can load the void and also file skateboard background?

Certainly, there are some strong websites out there that have actually demanded area for content online as well. Chrome Ball has been holding it down for many years and Quarter Snacks constantly stays on par with things.

However isn’t it gnarly to believe that these are all one-man procedures, or extremely small groups on bootstrap budgets, who give this sort of core commentary, particularly compared to having full editorial teams as well as travel budget plans at skate mags in the early 2000s?

It would certainly be nice to see more assistance from the market on tasks like those though. I would certainly a lot instead see brands placing their money towards producing purposeful, sponsored web content as opposed to unloading their advertising and marketing budget plans into 30-second pre-roll advertisements on Thrasher.

When you checked out print publications for the skateboard history book, did you notice a sharp decline in the number or publications and regularity?

Partially, yes. As an archetype, Transworld started to reduce their blood circulation and ultimately quit printing entirely as I was in the center of servicing this task. I was particularly disturbed to have seen that because the last batch of concerns that Keegan Callahan developed were perfectly outlined.

On a smaller sized scale however, it seems like Ive been discovering lots of new indie zines via Instagram these days. That side of print media has actually always been active and also will certainly remain to be, in spite of Thrashers-near monopoly on the mainstream.

I would certainly a lot instead see brands putting their cash in the direction of creating purposeful, sponsored web content rather than discarding their advertising and marketing budget plans right into 30-second pre-roll advertisements on Thrasher.


The winningest skateboarder in history: A young Nyjah Huston sends it down a kinked imprison his DC Footwear days. Image Andrew Durso.

Lets discuss the book. To start with, congratulations on such a significant achievement. What made you select the time duration in skateboard history in between 1999 and also now?

The principle for guide came about when I was still composing for Concrete Wave Publication. For context, the publication was substantiated of a well-known book called The Concrete Wave that Michael Brooke released in 1999. His message covered skateboardings background from the 50s up to the turn of the century. As the 20-year wedding anniversary of the book came close to, I pitched the idea of writing a sequel to it, covering every little thing that transpired since the initial book struck shelves.

Im well-familiar with The Concrete Wave and every person blogging about skateboard history still seeks to it as a resource. On that particular note, what kind of products and sources did you depend on to tell this history?

The majority of the research for this book was conducted online. Some brands, like S, have their timelines incredibly well documented on their individual internet sites. Beyond that, individuals like Jenkem have done an outstanding job of keeping their finger on the pulse of one of the most topical discussions in skate boarding this past decade. I referenced their site frequently in the procedure of getting ready for meetings as well as trying to arrange all the various tales.

How about locating published magazines as well as publications concerning current skateboard background? It appears like the death of print journalism additionally impacted background publications.

Adapting this research to the published form did call for motivation from a number of previously published publications. To call out a few particularly, The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwearwas a valuable instance of exactly how to magazine a substantial quantity of speaking factors across numerous years. Likewise, Iain Bordens, Skate Boarding Room as well as the Cityhelped provide an understanding of just how to incorporate higher-level ideas right into the discussions regarding details people and firms.

As the 20-year anniversary of the book approached, I pitched the suggestion of composing a sequel to it, covering everything that transpired given that the initial publication struck racks.

Meet the Writer Behind the New Skateboard History Book The Next Wave image 2


Skateboarding in 2020: Choice of decks from Dwindle brand names. Inspect the wheel wells on the Madness stick.

You repaint an extremely comprehensive photo of the last 20 years of skateboard background in The Next Wave and also the research study really shows with. When I looked into the 1970s for my books, I made some shocking discoveries. For instance that insurance was not really the full factor the whole skate park area died down. Did you make any shocking discoveries concerning this current background you are covering?

Being that I had been carefully observing skateboarding for the time period that guide covered, I was not necessarily shocked by what I looked into. I would claim I was extra stunned when I took a step back and reconsidered the implications of particular movements talked about in the text.

Ha, it is a lot easier to blog about a period you really experienced. What are some of these current movements you explored?

Making use of the instance of skate parks, I bear in mind enjoying Rob Dyrdek initially discuss the concept of a skate plaza on MTV. When they started constructing plazas in New Jacket, I thought nothing of it. It appeared on-trend with what the remainder of the nation was doing. In the process of composing guide, nevertheless, I talked with individuals behind CA Skateparks about their jobs trajectory from the drawing board to Street Organization to the Olympics. Assessing that as well as placing it in context with skateboardings general growth during this moment offered a higher sense of gratitude for those parks that I once took for approved.

Speaking of context, that are some vital interviewees and contributors that offer viewpoint your background book?

I put heavy focus on meetings and also outside payments to assemble these tales together, so there are a lot of them. If I had to select, Leo Bakers feature in the direction of the end is a vital one. We did the meeting right before the Nike Dream Big campaign and also the Dazed article when their name change dropped. Both of these, plus the job theyve continued to perform in this area, heavily supports the declarations they made about marginalized groups having more of a presence in skate boarding going forward.

There are also a couple web pages that feature an excerpt of an interview I did with Chris Nieratko. He has a totally different approach to content than I do yet the means he talked on the duty of skate stores fit perfectly into guides intermission. I know he holds skate shops near and dear to his heart and also the means he expressed his point of view in that area of the book shows it.

However, the Financial Dilemma of 2008 was a considerable blow to the community much more substantial than I realized.


In regards to skateboardings appeal, 1999 was the start of an all-time height and also it has kind of flat lined from there. How are the ups as well as downs in skate engagement as you looked into for your book?

As guide elaborates on, the X-Games-900-Tony-Hawks-Pro-Skater age was a major driver for skate boardings growth at the time. For the mainstream industry, involvement and sales charted more than the following a number of years.

Nevertheless, the Financial Dilemma of 2008 was a considerable impact to the community much more significant than I understood, being that I was just 12 at the time it was unraveling. Skate boardings conserving poise at that time was innovation and the internet. Just asFully Flaredput the cap on that particular era of mid-2000s skateboarding, the age of social networks was ideal nearby. As YouTube as well as Instagram democratized the skate boarding landscape, participation expanded positively many thanks to the reduced obstacle to entrance.

Would certainly you say now we remain in a higher trend as far as participation goes?

Skateboarding is most certainly in a higher pattern. Using Dwindle as a standard for the remainder of the market, Im seeing sales numbers go through the roof today. Online merchants are buying unfathomable quantities of product, both for immediate delivery as well as for this coming holiday season. Its just a matter of time before these boards make their way out of the shops as well as right into the streets.

Your book additionally benefits the Skateboarding Hall of Popularity. Please inform us how this collaboration came about and also how the book supports the job of the Hall of Fame?

About midway through creating the book, Concrete Wave was offered and the initial contract to release it under their name was invalidated. I was sitting on a bunch of material already and had a lot more interviews lined up.Determined to keep the task straightened with an organization that matched the goals of guide, I provided the SHoF to put their stamp on the book in an initiative to cross-promote.

The main launch at the SHoF was postponed by COVID scenario once the smoke clears, guide will certainly have its official retail residence in the Simi Valley. The earnings from all sales will certainly go towards the galleries mission to commemorate the skaters that have actually led the culture.

The Hall of Popularity is the best place for it, particularly due to the fact that theres not much discussed the history of skateboarding. So, what will be your next job?

To be truthful, the two-and-a-half years it took to conceive and also produce this publication were much longer than I anticipated. Though the contentment of holding an ended up item with more than eighty thousand words is great, the procedure was exhausting.

Im still expanding concepts yet would really like to begin publishing a zine in the following year or so. Ive been really motivated by reading back issues of Frank151 recently and would certainly love to publish some shorter publications with a various style for each and every issue.

And finally, what do you want viewers to recognize going into the book?

I would claim the important things to bear in mind when reading the book is just how interconnected the skate boarding globe is. If you flip through the index, youll discover hundreds of individuals who have actually dedicated their lives to this culture. With the growing population of skateboarders all over the world, there is no scarcity of well established neighborhood members that can assist enable others. In any way times, we ought to be motivating brand-new faces to step on a skateboard and turn into one people. We are done in this with each other. Given that the first day.

Many thanks for the meeting and keeping skateboard creating to life, Daniel.

The Next Wave is available to order right below.

Comply With Daniel Fedkenheuer on Instagram.

See Daniels writing portfolio site.

In all times, we must be motivating new faces to tip on a skateboard as well as become one of us. We are done in this with each other. Considering that the first day.

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