Meet the Skateboarder Behind the Skate Footwear Review Website SkateshoeGuru

Whether we like it or otherwise, were residing in the age of the customer evaluation. Nearly every purchase choice online and also offline is affected by reviews and also scores developed by individuals on the net.

To a point where 91% of people review online reviews prior to buying and also 84% even depend on the internet reviews as long as suggestions from their buddies.

Currently, there are a few problems with this state of events. First off, on-line evaluations are significantly adjusted by companies as in: paying militaries of pawns to create positive evaluations for crap items in their support.

And also second, the majority of individuals creating these reviews are complete novices, yet customers trust them as high as their close friends.

Yet what do these people understand about items as specialized as, claim skateboarding footwear?

Definitely nothing, Lebowski.

SkateShoeGuru shoes testing in progress: Ioannis Ntousias hits a manual combination.

Thats specifically where devoted professional reviewers been available in. A person like skateboard lifer Ioannis Ntousias from Greece, who has actually been providing objective as well as very included skateboard footwear examines on the SkateshoeGuru internet site.

Over the years, the 32-year-old has skated, trashed, and also ranked countless skateboard footwear and also developed an excellent repository of on-line details at the same time. Hes also developed partnerships with brands sending him footwear for testimonials yet has handled to maintain his stability, additionally by backing up his skate expertise with a degree in materials scientific research. Heres his take on what makes an excellent skate shoe and also where things go to in the skateboard kicks section in our ILLUMINATED PAPER meeting.

The SkateShoeGuru himself: Ioannis Ntousias assesses skate shoes in straightforward words.

Hi there Ioannis! Please provide a fast overview of your history in skate boarding as well as where you matured skating.

First of all, I wish to thanks directly and your magazine for having me. I matured in a small city in Greece called Preveza where skateboarding wasnt large at all. Around the age of 13, I saw a pal playing with a technology deck on an institution adventure and after that some days later saw him attempting to ollie and that was it. From that minute skateboarding became my passion!

And also as you recognize, things in those years were much slower than currently. For example, we were attempting to recognize exactly how to ollie from the magazines, so progression was as well slow and also another negative was that we didnt have any person else to see and recognize exactly how we must try each method. In any case, I think that if you actually want to skate you will certainly be patient till the moment you begin finding out methods and begin having a good time.

My best years were when I was a trainee at the College of Patras examining Materials Science where I fulfilled skaters from all over Greece and a few of them are my best friends till today. Truly great times! Today Im 32 years of ages as well as still attempting to skate everyday after job, still with the same enthusiasm and love for skateboarding.

I think that if you really want to skate you will certainly hold your horses until the minute you start learning methods as well as begin having a good time.

What duty did skate footwear play in your scene when you grew up?

In the very early 2000s individuals utilized to skate their footwear as long as they might make them last before they moved on to purchasing the following set. So I remember being just one of those men who constantly liked the footwear with airbags as well as generally with modern technology. I likewise remember myself constantly wishing to invest my cash on footwear that at the very least would use something from the technological perspective.

Where you already conducting your very own examinations then?

At that stage, I wasnt so much right into being able to examine and check shoes, however I bear in mind that in every skate magazine, the skate shoe promotions have constantly been an eye catcher for me. After that, around the year 2007, the web became more associated with my life, so things altered a whole lot for me and my interest for footwear.

So to sum up as well as answer your concern: Skate shoes have always played the biggest function in my skating as well as the way I really feel. Even today when I wear a footwear, it impacts the way I skate, as the fit, the form, the technology facets, also the shade can actually raise your psychology.

Ioannis pops a Caballerial flip over the hip: If you can name a very popular skate shoe collection named after the Caballerial, youre a real skater.

Do you remember some favorite shoe versions you constantly wanted when you first started skating?

Yes, I remember how I constantly wanted to acquire the DC Williams from 2001 and the DC Kalis Proof from 2003. Also the S K3 as well as the S Dime from 2003. As well as of course there have actually been some really good Lakai footwear I liked back in the day however I can not bear in mind the model names currently as the years have actually passed

No worries. Was it difficult getting a hold of these footwear where you lived?

Yes. It was so challenging to get these footwear back in those days as the only way was to take a trip to Athens to reach one of minority stores as well as if you were fortunate you could discover them.

Even today when I put on a footwear, it influences the method I skate, as the fit, the shape, the tech elements, even the shade can truly raise your psychology.

Youre still hunting for new footwear today. What was the ideas to start SkateShoeGuru?

I always wanted to share my experience with other skateboarders and also in such a way. Even to assist them or recommend what to get when they wanted a great skate shoe. Three years back, I relocated from Greece to Malta as well as my life changed 100 percent. I was already a follower of the two various other popular skate footwear testimonial internet sites, yet in numerous instances, I located myself holding a various point of view than what I read on both these sites, particularly about the fit.

Review the SkateShoeGuru test for the etnies Michelin Marana design. Click on picture for link.

What brought about your arguments with these testimonial sites?

I buy my shoes on the internet 90 percent of the time as well as there were sometimes that I considered their recommendations size wise before ordering as well as often times this wasnt exact whatsoever for me. I indicate, when I will tell you that this shoe fits real to size, it indicates there is no additional room for your feet as well as at the same time your feet are protected and also comfortable inside the footwear. Otherwise this is not true to size in my viewpoint!

The distinctions can be severe between firms, as well as even in between models from the exact same brand. Occasionally you require to go an entire measure. What else did you locate missing out on from on the internet skate footwear assesses aside from dimension information?

One more point which led me to construct my own site was that the updates on the brand-new models were so slow. So I stated, Ok, I can begin writing my very own evaluations on my own website which I will try to upgrade more often. Of course, I can not include a brand-new testimonial every week, but Im attempting my best to have the latest versions so individuals can have this little additional info that they might need before buying.

Just how do you deal with selecting the shoes you test?

Im a huge follower of cupsoles. I do not such as vulcanized shoes that a lot due to the fact that the fit for me plays the largest role in a shoe, right in addition to the board feel. Although you hear a whole lot that vulcanized footwear have wonderful board feel, I believe that board feel also implies that when you place your foot in a kickflip position as an example, you want your front foot to be in your typical kickflip placement but with the vulcanized outsole it feels like your toes have an additional 2cm of single in front, which I really don’t such as.

Although I need to admit that I have skated in some respectable vulcanized shoes like the Lakai Bristol as an example and some Fallen footwear in the past. Also, I do not recognize why however a lot of the vulcanized footwear look really similar in my eyes. So I prefer my shoes to be cupsole and then I select the ones that, from the aesthetic and also from the tech perspective, capture my eye and appear to have potential of being an excellent skate shoe.

I can not add a brand-new testimonial weekly, however Im trying my finest to have the most recent designs so individuals can have this little added information that they may need before buying.

What is your process for examining the shoes?

There is not a details process to be honest. I just placed them on as well as go skate as always. Im not the sort of skater who jumps from big things. At 32 years Im attempting to skate each day after my work shift finishes, so I typically skate flat, ledges, financial institutions and also manuals. So this is where my shoes are evaluated, which I believe is reasonable enough (laughs).

What makes SkateShoeGuru evaluates different from other shoe evaluations?

As I said formerly, is just a private skate shoe evaluation site where I reveal my point of view. I have some individuals sending me cost-free skate shoes to examination but I am not going create good ideas if I do not like the footwear. Likewise, it has happened that they have sent me a vulcanized version that I would certainly never skate in and I wound up never ever skating it and never had a review for it. I have always been truthful in my life so I will certainly never compose something that is not something that I really believe.

Words to live by. That are some brands that support you?

I have tried to get in touch with a great deal of brands that I have an interest in skating as well as evaluating their footwear and of course some of them told me to call the supervisor, blah, blah, blah Others never responded, yet thankfully several of them did. Soletech (S, etnies, Emerica) as well as Fp Footwear are sending me examples to skate and also assess and also I truly appreciate their aid since for me, it is a big aid. A large many thanks to Shark Energy (Malta) for their assistance also. Then I would love to give thanks to Don Brown who responded straight to me after I messaged him on Instagram, as well as additionally Bas Jaansen and also Mathias Noderer.

We included Don Brown in among our very first meetings dropping understanding about the history of skateboard shoes as well as the 1990s technology skate shoe trend. What are your top 3 Skate shoes now? What are your leading 3 of all time and also why?

This one is a really difficult one, yet I will certainly give it a go.

Top 5 Skate Shoes:

  1. Etnies Marana Michelin
  2. DC Shoes Heritage Slim 98
  3. adidas 3st.003
  4. S Accel slim
  5. DC Tiago

All-time faves:

1. Nike SB P-Rod 2

2. Fallen Seventy 6

3. C1RCA Talon

4. Adidas Silas ii

5. DC Landau

Read the shoe review on Click image for web link.

Thats an eclectic mix. From your point of view, just how has skate footwear design evolved in the previous years and also what are the very best brand-new growths?

Skate shoes in the past were cumbersome with air bags which I actually suched as, to be straightforward. But we all have to confess that board feeling was not at the most effective level. Then we relocated into a slimmer skate footwear design period as well as currently we are transferring to a slimmed cumbersome style, without endangering the board feel and with supplying even more convenience and pillow specs. Nowadays there are shoes that you may consider as bulky when you see them from images however when you wear them as well as skate with them, they really feel much better than any type of other slim shoe.

I like this brand-new age of skate shoes now where some brands are trying to revive upgraded versions of older designs and likewise that brands appear to care a lot more about the protected fit on their versions. Undeniably, resilience has actually increased in the more recent models without spoiling the layout though the years.

I have some individuals sending me free skate shoes to test however I am not going write good things if I do not like the shoes.

In your viewpoint as the Skate Shoe Guru, what are the components for a best skate shoe?

Cupsole building and construction, safeguarded fit, adaptability, grip, board feeling, padding, as well as convenience.

Taking a go back and considering it from an industry perspective, just how do you see the present situation on the shoe market?

The shoe market seems to be reborn with lots of brand-new designs to find. What I do not actually like is that there are some brand names which truly have the potential to be the brands they used to be in the past, yet all their skate shoe line contains five to six lookalike vulcanized models and also one cupsole design. I wonder why do you need five to 6 vulcanized designs in your line when your cupsole design is your very successful one??

Especially at once when there are 3 company brands totally associated with skate boarding, I think that the smaller brands need to supply something various to skaters. Not simply one more vulcanized shoe. Dissimilar designs all the time without at least boosting the style and also especially at the very same high rate. They need to offer extra competitive prices since simply skaters will believe why should I pay $90 for this brand when I know that I can pay the same and also purchase something with even more tech, even more impact absorption and also even more convenience?

I recognize it is hard for the non-corporate firms and from my point of view I am trying to sustain the smaller brand names too. However eventually, when you see comparable designs with other names as well as absolutely nothing else altered, you ask yourself why they do not at least attempt to make something different. Although this is just my point of view as a skater and it does not suggest that its proper or wrong. Its simply the means I see it.

Thats precisely what this magazine is for, Ioannis and were happy to have you. Finally, just how can visitors adhere to and connect with Skateshoeguru?

They can always get in touch with the contact type on my internet site as well as with. Also with the social media pages where they can simply message me for anything they may need to ask me. Many thanks once again to Soletech and Fp Footwearand to you Dirk once more for having me. Much appreciated!

Thanks for the interview and please maintain the great work.

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