Inside the Skate Music Radio Show Every Skateboarder Should Listen to

Skate music is one helluva drug as well as it remains in your system for life. Ask skateboarders regarding their favorite component in a skate video clip, and also they will not just faithfully recount the featured professional skateboarder yet also particularly point out the soundtrack.

Thats because theres something magic about the mix of music as well as high-octane skateboarding video. Something bigger than the sum of all parts. Something that, if played right, develops traditional moments permanently burned into skate boardings collective unconscious.

Skateboard background is full of video clip components that transformed musical preferences for whole generations, including certain bands and musicians to the skate rock canon in the process. Famous track selections consist of Mc Rads track Weakness in the Rubber Boys sector of Powell Peraltas Public Domain name video clip in 1988. As well as if you really intend to see 1980s skateboarders all up in their sensations, play the opening bars of Whats So Strange Concerning Me?, written and done by professional skater Claus Grabke with atrioventricular bundle 8 Dayz for the Santa Cruz Tires of Fire video.

Mark Gonzales took skateboard audiences down a roadway less taken a trip with John Coltranes Traneing In noodling in the background of his critical 1991 video component in Blinds Video clip Days. Skate boardings representative provocateur Jason Dill made a Radiohead B-side his own firebrand when he skated to Polyethylene in the Alien Workshops Photosynthesis video. Matt Hensley boosted Nor-Cal punk band Operation Ivy into a worldwide phenomenon with his part in 1990s This Is Not the New H-Street Video. As well as the listing takes place

A lot more recently, one of one of the most stylish skateboarders of perpetuity, Dylan Rieder (RIP), showed up a highly sleek visual mixing super version looks with super human breaks skating to Never ever Tear United States Apart by INXS in his award-winning component in Supremes Cherry video clip. Plus, allows not neglect that skaters started rolling up one pant leg as well as bumping Wu-Tang Clan as early as 1993 when Gino Iannucci displayed his technology skills to the Clans M-E-T-H-O-D Male solitary in the 101 Skateboards Snuff video.


Pretty much every skate video uses music (aside from uncommon exceptions like Tim Dowlings outstanding Listen video clip). But skateboard target markets seldom find out about the larger picture; the reasons a tune wound up in a video clip component or why a business grew a specific ambiance with their soundtracks.

Thats specifically why over in Europe, skateboarder and also radio manufacturer Gianluca Quagliano from Italy created the SKATE MUZIK program. What began as a do it yourself job on Mixcloud with some episodes broadcasting on Fritto FM as well as Know Wave has now found a long-term house onNTS Radio. Available totally free worldwide on the NTS App, the show discovers the intersection of songs and also skateboarding in routine installments, each following a various motif.(You can still stream classic episodes like Jeff Pain or SUPREMEs previous imaginative supervisor Brendon Babenzien on the SKATE MUZIK internet site.)

The host, Gianluca, is a 1990s skateboarder who hails from one of Europes street skate boarding hotbeds, Milan in Northern Italy. He passes the name G on the show as well as curates a mix of tunes from classic skate flicks, supplemented by anecdotes and original discourse from legendary pro skaters.

Urban meditations: Gianluca keeping it street degree in Milan. Picture and also opening picture byMaurizio Annese.

So far, standout episodes have actually included a very recommendable Wu-Tang Clan special, featuring a meeting with professional skater Gino Iannucci on his inspiration to end up being the worlds initially skater to utilize Wu-Tang in a video clip component (listen to the full-length meeting below). Further milestones consist of a music retrospective of Mark Gonzales video parts, SKATE MUZIK specials on Fugazi and also the Beastie Boys, plus an expedition of Jazz in skate videos.

Each section has to do with one hr long as well as gone along with by a careful track checklist describing all included tunes. Gianluca sprays in lots of understandings and also skate trivia, while episodes such as the ones with New York-based videographer RB Umali or Skateboardmuseums Jurgen Blumlein function meeting discourse that takes the program into podcast area with formerly unpublished information from skate history.

Three-hundred and sixty degrees of improved designs, kid: Tracklist for the Wu-Tang Clan episode. Click image for link.

But make no mistake SKATE MUZIK is not a 1990s throwback job or forum for skate papas to wax nostalgically. Im not doing this based on nostalgia or something. I do this for the here and now as well as the future cause I believe its important to spread out some core skate culture, saysGianluca, adding: Skate Muzik is for the youth!

Im refraining this based upon nostalgia or something. I do this for the here and now and the future cause I think its essential to spread some core skate society. Skate Muzik is for the young people!

Searching for the complete story behind SKATE MUZIK, we made a decision to flip the manuscript and obtain the host discussing his inspirations for a modification. ILLUMINATED PAPER talks with Gianluca Quagliano about the soundtrack of his youth as well as discovering brand-new musical cosmos via skate video clips.

Hey there Gianluca, when did you begin SKATE MUZIK as well as what was it like initially?

I had the concept like, forever, yet it occurred in late 2015 with a tiny pilot episode based upon the Blind Video clip Days video clip. With no visitors, just me putting together all the tracks from the soundtrack. It was broadcast on Fritto FM, a really little internet radio from Milan that my buddy Andrea and his team of friends were doing at the time. In addition to the first episode of the program I made some hand-numbered Skate Muzik tees for my good friends.

As well as what was your inspiration for placing in all this job modifying and creating the show?

Were lucky to have skate boarding in our life as well as Skate Muzik is my means to say thank you skateboarding and admire the culture.

On that note, what is your personal background in skateboarding?

I started skating in the late 1990s and also grew up in a little community in the north of Italy called Tortona, before moving to Milan. We were misfits at the time. Skateboarding wasnt taken into consideration cool, women wouldnt date me and also other guys at school would make fun of me create I was wearing droopy trousers and fucked-up footwear. I liked it! (laughs)

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That appears acquainted. Im a skater from the 1980s and skate video clips have opened new globes in music and art. What were some videos that widened your perspectives, Gianluca

Man theres many! Me and also my pals utilized to view skate video clips frequently, in some cases it coincided video clip over and also over. We knew every little information, every trick, area, every outfit they were using, every song, additionally their faces, everything, actually.

You recognize residing in Italy, it wasnt easy in any way to discover skate video clips, so if somebody got something, he shared, same thing happened with magazines. We viewed them all together, obtain very hyped to go skate, it was like our gas. Emphasizes include Trilogy, Zoo York Mixtape, 20 Shot Series, a great deal of 411s, Tim & & Henrys, all the Lady as well as Chocolate videos, Eastern Exposure, Plan Bs Doubtful

That 1990s street technology and East Coastline taste, right?

I was a significant fan of the NYC skate scene as well as the World Industries things yet also earlier things like all the H-Street videos, Restriction This, Streets on Fire, Public Domain, Blind Video Days. I recognize theres a LOT of stuff that Im omitting yet I assume you understood. We didnt obtain everything though, since as I stated it was so difficult to locate skate videos in this nation as well as a lot of the time we would obtain video clips also years after they initially appeared.

Music-wise I found everything through skate videos cause at 13, I didnt truly have a music preference already.

Can you name some bands that you uncovered through skate videos?

Music-wise I found whatever via skate videos trigger at 13, I didnt really have a music taste currently. So all I paid attention to were skate video soundtracks. I found Wu-Tang due to Gino and Coltrane as a result of the Gonz, yet additionally Fugazi using an Ed Templeton video and so on.

I wrote a letter to Ian MacKaye when I was circa 14 years of ages, shipped it by means of Air Mail and also a couple of months later obtained his reply. It was just one of the very best days of my youth Thats just how much I enjoyed both skate boarding and also music after a couple of years.

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Do you stay on top of brand-new launches and also what are your faves?

To now I still watch skate videos daily. I enjoy all the FA/Hockey stuff, Expense Strobecks work and a number a lot more, like all the Quartersnacks modifies, I liked the Call Me 917 video from last year, the Lotties video modifies. Theres a great deal of excellent stuff around. I do not like the super hi-tech vibes though. I like the harsh stuff, road skating over parks, design over huge techniques. Design is whatever.

In the larger image, what is unique regarding the mix of skate videos and also music?

I do not understand guy. Its like, some fantastic video clips don’t even have music However still, skate boarding is a way of living, not a sporting activity. And also if youre right into this way of life regardless of if youre 15 or 50, youre paying attention to music. Its component of our culture. At worst, a skateboarder will have far better songs tastes than 80 percent of the general populace At worst!

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Yes, we are lucky to be taught by skate videos. Lets get to your show. What were a few of the coolest understandings from guests on SKATE MUZIK?

Thats a difficult one cause I absolutely think about whatever a highlight. This thing that I do puts me in contact with so much individuals throughout the world. Every episode that I do provides me the exact same feeling of touchdown a new favorite method for the first time. Im extremely appreciative to everybody whos been on the program, trigger I select my visitors really meticulously.

In exactly how far?

I would certainly never ask a guest to be on the show simply create I need to load some room or produce some buzz. Im also very appreciative to NTS Radio for lettingme do my thing on their system. I was a follower of NTS before going on air there and also I still am. I really feel fortunate to be part of the fam.

At worst, a skateboarder will have better music preferences than 80 percent of the basic populace At worst!

How can listeners throughout the globe and in the U.S. tune in to SKATE MUZIK?

Thats a simple one: follow me on Instagram @gianlucaquagliano. I don’t have a Skate Muzik main account reason I don’t need to separate that from myselfand everything I post on my account is Skate Muzik-related. Like the brand-new episodes, the new tees as well as associated stuff.

Gino, Milano– Novembre 2016 #listentoskatemuzik #skatemuzik #milano

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Additionally, all the episodes of the program that I did so far, consisting of the pre-NTS ones, are on skatemuzikmilano.itand all the NTS Radio ones get on NTS Live. And also if youre in the U.S.A., you can get some Skate Muzik tees at Supreme in Brooklyn. Its an excellent way to support me cause Im not attempting to make a brand or something, but I love this T-shirt thing.

If youre a skateboarder you know well just how much this becomes part of the culture too You co-wrote Skateboarding is Not a Style, so Im totally sure you understand what Im talking about my friend.

Many thanks Gianluca, I really like what you made with the LISTEN TO SKATE MUZIK tee. So for our last inquiry, whats next for SKATE MUZIK?

I don’t really recognize whats next off, actually. I just intend to maintain enjoying with it, keep making new pals and do a wonderful radio show. For sure I want to discover how to make use of some audio modifying software program and also some photo editing stuff. However Id instead head out as well as attempt to re-learn switch tre turns.

Best of luck with all that and many thanks for the interview, Gianluca.

Pay attention to timeless episodes on theSKATE MUZIK site.

Download the NTS Radio App below to listen.

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