The True History of the OSIRIS D3 Skateboarding Shoe Featuring Footwear Designer Brian Reid

History and scientific facts are under fire nowadays, in an age where classic truths can be toppled by a solitary Tweet or Facebook message. What was taken into consideration concrete nitty-gritty might well be relegated to an issue of simple opinion in one swift 280-character tirade.

Worldwide warming? Fake information! Do youngsters really require to be immunized? Are Biggie and Tupac still active? And is planet Earth actually level? You just cant make sure any longer.

The tight-knit globe of skateboarding had its minute of revisionist history when mens lifestyle publication GQ published a story featuring the designer of the notorious OSIRIS D3 skateboard shoe. The background for the tale was, as sneaker heads currently recognize, the launch of the AWGE x Under Armour SRLo footwear created by rapper/fashion symbol A$ AP Rocky.

The footwear that produced the plan: The D3 2001 was created with the objective of taking the 1990s puffy footwear formula to the extreme. It did well. Picture courtesy of OSIRIS Shoes.

This newest installation in the awful footwear buzz is one big, evident riff on the D3s initial style in all its puffy-tongued 1990s glory. So it made good sense to acknowledge the shoes skateboarding inspirations and bring the initial designer right into the GQ story and image shoot.

Besides the reality that, appearing beside the rap artist was not OSIRIS Shoes founder and senior shoes designer Brian Reid, that had actually designed the D3 according to established historic accounts, but former specialist skateboarder Dave Mayhew, who had actually endorsed the shoe as his pro version at the time.

As the co-author of the first publication on the background of skateboard shoes, Made For Skate this new take on the D3 tale piqued my rate of interest. Perhaps we had missed some facts at the time?

Setting the record right

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Essentially hrs after the GQ story went on the internet, OSIRIS Shoes uploaded photos of the A$ AP Rocky-endorsed footwear alongside the original D3 model, calling out We all recognize who dropped it first on their Instagram.

Imitation is the sincerest type of flattery, however the trouble we had when the [A$ AP Rocky] shoe initially dropped was the brand OSIRIS wasnt obtaining the credit rating for going down that shoe 20 years earlier. And clearly A$ AP lifted the layout, said Nolan Woodrell, Marketing Manager at OSIRIS Shoes.

Currently the record is being set straight by also A$ AP, to make sure that is great. Yet in the future, if a brand name or musician wishes to collaborate with all of us they have to do is email us or hit us on DM on Instagram @OSIRISshoes. As well as if it makes sense we are to work with anyone thats outstanding like A$ AP or any other pop culture figure, said the team at OSIRIS.

All of us know who dropped it first

Speaking of establishing the record straight: Over the past few weeks, seasoned shoes designer Brian Reid has started an interview campaign in the skate boarding, streetwear, and fashion media. His side of the story has appeared in stories on Jenkem (THE OSIRIS D3 DESIGNER TALKS ON DAVE MAYHEW & UNDER ARMOURS RIPOFF) as well as FootwearNews (Is A$ AP Rocky Attributing the Wrong OSIRIS Designer For Inspiring His Under Armour Tennis Shoe?), while HypeBeast as well as Highsnobiety likewise got on the tale. Before the detraction, the developer had actually currently set out the genesis of the D3 in a story on The Hundreds websitein July.

Reid additionally took place a jokingly Instagram rampage. Messages included a photo of A$ AP Rocky and also Mayhew subtitled Milli Vanilli in reference to the best-selling 1990s recording artists who lip-synched all their songs while unknowns did the genuine singing.

By the time I had a chance to speak to Brian Reid, he had taken a while to vent his anger and obtain a rational point of view on the situation. Heres a snippet of our discussion.

Chatting D3 design: Shoe designer Brian Reid and also Lit Up Documents Dirk Vogel at the 2009 launch of the Created Skate publication at the old HUF shop on Fairfax, Hollywood.

LIT UP PAPER: It appears like the entire point between you and A$ AP Rockys circle could have gone a different path with more ahead of time interaction and also research.

BRIAN REID: Primarily, they could have effectively approached me or OSIRIS (Note: Reid has actually parted methods with his company) as well as done this in a proper means. By bringing in the real people who created the look they are copying and making it a main partnership. With adequate idea took into it, they can have done this in a way that was valid and also authentic.

Constructing a tradition: Brian Reid in the very early days of the millennium.

I.P.: The bigger story is truly a sports business duplicating a shoe design from skate boarding but trying to act like they are paying tribute to skateboarding. Or theyre raising a skate brand, like we need them. How do you see it?

B.R.: I spoke to a person at A$ APs camp and also he informed me that they wished to pay respect to Dave Mayhew due to the fact that its his shoe as well as has his name on it. And I just informed him, Look, Dave resembles George Foreman. George Supervisor didnt design the grill, he endorsed it.

Its similar with Michael Jordan, that eventually was probably really involved in his footwear style. But he mostly supported the shoe and thats why the world understands who [Nike developer] Tinker Hatfield is. And Jordan is a large enough professional athlete as well as a guy of course to offer debt where credit report schedules as well as not attempt to pass himself off as a footwear developer.

Huge decreases: Pro skateboarder Dave Mayhew in a 2000 OSIRIS Shoes advertisement for the D3 professional model shoe.

I.P.: Its fascinating that nobody looked deeper into the D3s history, because its in fact the exception that a professional athlete totally makes a footwear.

B.R.: I do not believe they truly did their due diligence. As well as I was obtaining pretty irritated due to the fact that at the time of my conversation, I was taking a trip in Asia on a consulting job as well as among my customers saw the GQ story, wondering what the offer was and also if I actually created the D3. So it was starting to hurt my service and whats a lot more, this is my tradition as a designer. People are attempting to rewrite background.

I.P.: Theres no refuting that the shoe looks very near to the D3 2001 with some minor tweaks.

B.R.: To a point where they didnt even rip it and flip it, where you tear something but additionally turn it by placing your own spin on it. Which is something every shoe developer has actually practically done. They just ripped it. Look, Im not truly crazy at Rocky, hes a follower and he obtained played.

Establishing the record straight: Brian Reid in Amsterdam, 2018.

So it was beginning to injure my business and also whats much more, this is my legacy as a developer. Individuals are attempting to reword history.

I.P.: Theres a proper way to pay tribute to a layout as well as obtain included with a skateboard brand name on an also level. Yet its reflective of the very same perspective when Jeremy Scott swindled the Jim Phillips graphics for a runway program. The attitude that its all right to steal from us due to the fact that its just skateboarding or Were high fashion or a big money brand, so you need to many thanks us ?!

B.R.: Just bear in mind that the 1990s technology sneaker look they replicated we, the skateboarding scene, produced it! It wasnt there prior to. There was in fact a great deal of time and money and energy spent into producing that search in the first place. Great deals of traveling and also money purchased advancement and sleep deprived evenings.

I take a look at it similar to this: It resembled the birth of hip-hop. There were a couple of individuals around at the time that spawned a look, a feel, and a mindset of that period which mirrors in its products. There are the people that were in fact doing the pioneering and there are the people that claim they were.

D3 satisfies Shaolin: Brian Reid having a hip-hop passionate 1990s minute.

So why wouldnt a firm connect to the initial individuals and state, Look, you men have this terrific legacy. Lets validate it and make it one hundred percent legit. As well as do it with the original developer from that period as well as obtain the blessing of the business that is know for it.

However nobody is thinking of doing the appropriate thing. Theyre simply thinking about just how to generate income. A cooperation between a skate shoe firm and an athletic shoe business isn’t as crazy as a road wear brand name collaboration with a warm sauce brand!

Well stated Brian. Looking at the whole thing in a favorable light, you and I are talking about shoe history once again. So we can include some facts regarding the D3 for the new book, the ten-year wedding anniversary edition of Produced Skate.

Just bear in mind that the 1990s tech tennis shoe look they replicated We, the skate boarding scene, developed it! It wasnt there prior to.

New Pieces to the Problem

The evidence is in the dessert: CD-ROM with original D3 style files.

Brian also claimed that he had undergone his archives looking for proof. Historical fact. Effectively. Checking out late-1990s CD-ROMs, he had actually had the ability to dig up a few of the initial illustrations for the D3 from back in the day as Corel Attract files, validating him as the shoes maker.

I found these documents from 1998 of my original layouts. I had shed them on a disc at the time. And also you know, computers do not lie. I still have the moment stamps on the data, I can also see the D2 design I developed as a professional version for Dave Mayhew as well as the follow-up, the D3, stated Brian Reid.

Original D3 Layout Documents
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Further elaborating on the concern, Reid claimed: Remember this is 1990-something. Computer system skills were beginner at best, a lot of us were self-trained. No YouTube tutorials, no books to check out, just straight hustle. The majority of the real designing was done overseas by getting on an aircraft as well as taking a seat with the factory and explaining the vision and drawing on covering patterns. The Illustrator illustrations were almost like a Jackson Pollock paint or Rorschach test. They were suggestions that reflected what was taking place in my head.

Keeping that said, heres the upgraded history of the OSIRIS D3, regarding be included in the upcoming 10-year-anniversary edition of the Created Skate book with new pieces of the puzzle from Brian Reid and also the individuals behind the OSIRIS brand name.

Keep in mind where you read first, whatever else is #fakenews

Real Background of the OSIRIS D3

The background of skateboard shoes has plenty of blockbuster shoes that ended up being instant hits. The practically groundbreaking Airwalk Prototype (1988 ), the S Shoes Koston 1 (1997 ), and DC Shoes Lynx version (1998) essentially flew off the racks once they arrived in retail. Skate shops had problem maintaining enough in supply, brands had a hard time to satisfy need as these kicks dominated shoe wall surfaces.

The OSIRIS D3 was no such instantaneous blockbuster.

Although it would progress to become what is still considered the highest-grossing skateboard footwear of perpetuity, the D3 in all its remarkable late 1990s teched-out swagger was even more of an outlier when it launched in 1999 as the signature pro design for skateboarder Dave Mayhew. Incorporating sophisticated attributes such as three air bubbles in the single, additional puffy tongue, bumpy shoelace loops, and also plastic sidewalls, the footwear took the 1990s skate technology formula produced by S Footwear to brand-new extremes.

The D3 is generally a spawn of the connection between skate boarding, hip-hop and athletic shoes, said the shoes developer Brian Reid.

The D3 is essentially a spawn of the relationship in between skateboarding, hip-hop and also athletic shoes.

After two years of dull sales, OSIRIS nearly ceased the large kicks when unexpectedly, the D3 went viral. In an excellent pop cultural storm, the footwear 2001 iteration the also bulkier D3 2001 ended up being the beloved of nu-metal figureheads including Limp Bizkits Fred Durst and also teen crooner Avril Lavigne of Skater Kid fame, that shook the shoes on a cd cover. Sales escalated as the D3 developed right into a full-on cultural icon as well as well-known business card for OSIRIS

And also even after the big storm decreased, the footwear continued to be appropriate in young people culture, even spawning a variety of food stomping fetish videos, just to discover itself copied by haute couture labels in 2018s huge Nineties Tech Skate Shoe Renaissance.

The D3 is an iconic footwear not only for Osiris yet in the skate shoe area as well as assisted alter the technical shoe game from its debut. The various D3 variants have all made their mark on the skate footwear market yet the D3 2001 is by far one of the most recognized as well as was the very successful of perpetuity, claimed Rob Dotson, Brand Name Supervisor at OSIRIS.

The D3 and the D3 2001 are what put OSIRIS on the map. We have been pushing the limits on what skate footwear can be because the 90s, claimed Nolan Woodrell, Advertising And Marketing Manager at OSIRIS Shoes. We additionally did it with footwear like the NYC83 and others, so ideally people identify that OSIRIS is always attempting to press limits on footwear layout and advancement.


Before there was OSIRIS Shoes and also the D3, there was Evol Casuals. Founded in 1995 by professional skateboarder Tony Magnusson with Niko Achtipes, Tony Chen and Dr. C.S. Chen in San Diego, the business was committed to practically advanced, highly useful footwear for skateboarding. Brian Reid came on board as a filmer originally, prior to learning the ropes of footwear layout from the ground up in real DIY-style.

Evol Casuals enjoyed support by an all-star skate team, with the majority of bikers recruited from Evol Skateboards, Magnussons board company (formerly known as H-Street Skateboards). A few bikers on the shoe group skated for rival board sponsors. Eventually, this capacity for conflict with various other board companies was the factor for proprietors CBSI as well as accomplices to end on Evol Casuals regardless of its success.

In December 1996, Brian Reid (innovative director as well as developer) and also Doug Weston (sales and procedures) became partners and Evol footwear rose from the dead under a brand-new name: OSIRIS Shoes, a name selected by Reid.

Brian Reid en-route to South Korea to work on footwear styles.

The initial OSIRIS group included pro skaters Adam McNatt, Tyrone Olson, Gershon Mosley, and Dave Mayhew, all of whom were friends of Brian Reid. The initial shoe collection concentrated solely on signature professional versions for these 4 pros.

Throughout the years, OSIRIS owners would certainly make the rate of interests of their group cyclists a concern. While various other shoe companies paid their bikers shoe sales nobilities just when per year, OSIRIS would have the sign in the mail monthly as well as include skaters in the style of their shoes.


Making it happen: OSIRIS founders Brian Reid and also Tony Magnusson at their shoe factory in South Korea.

Creating footwear in close collaboration with the team would show an extremely effective method for OSIRIS as well as produced a close bond with their bikers.

Some pros were more involved in the process than others, claimed Brian Reid. Someone like Tyrone Olson can be found in with a great deal of concepts as well as really added to the layout in a significant way stash pockets any person?! Or team biker Adam McNatt brought in a shoe that he had actually chopped up making use of several panels from different items for a real Monster of footwear. Thats actually what I would certainly qualify as shoe design. Other motorcyclists more or less offered responses on what would certainly become their shoe and others would just can be found in as well as select one currently created.

OSIRIS founder and head designer Brian Reid bears in mind the genesis of the D3, Dave Mayhews professional footwear as well as among one of the most successful layouts ever before: There were 3 individuals included: myself as developer, Tony Magnusson as programmer, and Dave Mayhew as the specialist skateboarder. Speaking on the shoes ideas, Reid used: Dave and I were really into hip-hop, we had the extra-large shirt and trousers, the saggy skater look remained in full result.

Dave as well as I were really into hip-hop, we had the large t shirt and also pants, the droopy skater appearance remained in full impact.

Distant family members: The OSIRIS Master version is the transformative predecessor to the D3.

Checking out what was out on the skate footwear market at the time, Reid and Mayhew chose that all footwear were as well thin and also looked too much alike. Mayhew liked an existing OSIRIS version called the Guru for its wavy lines as well as thicker, bulkier composition. Searching for additional concepts as well as functions for their new production, the two struck the mall.

We went footwear shopping as well as grabbed some footwear to draw specific aspects from a hiking shoe and some athletic shoes to get that air bag look. After that he went skate boarding, and I went footwear designing, said Brian Reid, adding: He would decrease in at the office to see its progress.


No love for copycats: Brian Reid and Tony Magnusson at their copyright lawyers office.

When the D3 launched in 1999, the skate market was warm on tech-looking skate shoes and OSIRIS had grown a brand placing on the hip-hop side of technological street skate boarding. So the D3 was a rational development: Huge plastic shoelace loops, added puffy tongue as well as brightly tinted lining included in the single and also upper convened a heft formerly undetected in the category. As a significant eye catcher, the shoe likewise featured a bumpy sidewall that included in the futuristic aesthetic, near to the gigantic mech robotics from Japanese anime series.

Digging much deeper into the layout procedure, Brian Reid explained: I had developed shoes called the Hag and the Master that primarily is the structure of the D3. The remainder was improvisation, as Reid at the time was still finding out the principles of computer-assisted shoes style.

The room where it takes place: Brian Reid at shoe manufacturing clothing in South Korea.

My layouts were so rudimentary and also standard at the time, because I was still discovering how to make use of computer systems. So they were mostly simply sketches. The majority of the real design occurred when you got on an airplane as well as flew to Asia where I would try to assist individuals making the footwear make sense of my designs, claimed Brian Reid.

There are primarily simply jots with forms and also call-outs to what particular components must be, like mesh or rubber. Its practically like hieroglyphics.


A traditional is birthed: Initial ad for the OSIRIS D3 2001.

The D3 remained part of the OSIRIS profile for the following 2 years, creating typical sales without bring in major attention. That will alter. In 2001, Brian Reid as well as Tony Magnusson were seeing their footwear producer in Korea when they chose to increase down on the D3s overly technical premise. We said, Lets make a crazy shoe with crazy sports innovation and pack everything brand-new as well as technological into a shoe developed for skateboarding. What would that look like? stated Reid.

What it ultimately appeared like was the initial version of the D3 on steroids. Included technology such as 3M reflective panels, a complete air bag, TPVR (thermal plastic venal stand up to), aerated mesh inserts, and also generous foam padding created what would certainly end up being a timeless classic.

Its amusing that people speak about the D3s success yet its truly the updated 2001 version that every person loved as well as duplicated.

D3 2001 Layout Data
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For skateboarders, this brand-new and also puffier variation of the D3 might have crossed a line. Yes, everybody wanted puffy shoes at the time and all major brands were churning them out. However this? This was too much.

We could not truly obtain one of our pros to fire images in the D3 2001. I think we had an amateur biker in some shots, however we never even did a main pro-endorsed advertisement, claimed Brian Reid.

Most of the actual style happened when you got on an aircraft as well as flew to Asia where I would attempt to assist the people producing the shoe understand my designs.

But the market consumed the D3 2001 as well as bulky tech shoe mania occurred. At the high water mark, the footwear was sported by skaters and club kids around the world along with musicians consisting of Limp Bizkit straw man Fred Durst. The D3 ended up being the best-selling footwear in business background and stays the top very popular pro model skate footwear of all time. It generated updates such as 2003s much slimmer D3 NXT, adhered to by the D3 4.0 and also later even a D3 Snowboarding Boot, based upon the fat design of the D3 2001 model.

The D3 2001 is ranked as one of the leading marketing skate footwear of all time among all brands as well as had held the leading area in the very early years as the very popular skate shoe of all time, claimed Rob Dotson, Brand Name Manager at OSIRIS.

The D3 additionally motivated many imitations, including a wave of European womens footwear with a D3 top and also teched-out platform soles that never truly headed out of design in specific parts of the globe. And also indeed, people still enjoy uploading videos of stomping on foods items and various other harmless things in their D3s.


Fast-forward to 2018 as well as the D3 is still a part of the OSIRIS line-up. The D3 2001 has actually constantly remained in our line and also the D3 has actually been a good-selling shoe given that the release in 1999. Yes, over the last one to 2 years the D3 2001 has been gaining appeal once more and as the tech/puffy trend comes to be more prominent they keep selling out in several colorways, stated the team at OSIRIS.

Brand manager Rob Dotson added: We are presently introducing four THROWBACK colorways for Vacation 18 in minimal amounts and also have actually partnered with essential stores around the globe for this intro. The preliminary support for the project surpassed our assumptions and also we are seeking to do even more of these THROWBACK projects in the future too.

Asked about the footwear enduring allure, sector experts credit report the D3s progressive visual as well as severe percentages: Fads constantly obtain maxed out. Somebody is going to make the baggiest pants ever before, or the tiniest wheel. In skateboard shoes, puffy style was in, so someone said: Im going to make the puffiest shoe ever before! Thats where brands like OSIRIS with the D3 [2001 version] developed by Brian Reid took it to an entire various degree, said Don Brown at Sole Innovation in his ILLUMINATED PAPER meeting on the 1990s technology skate shoe pattern.

The year 2018s resurgence of 1990s tech shoes and also unsightly shoes also generated a new wave of imitators lifting the D3s bulky layout as well as noticeable features. The highly padded bagel tongue and bumpy side panels located their method right into a debatable shoe developed by rapper/fashion icon A$ AP Rocky, called the AWGE x Under Armour SRLo design. High fashion label Louis Vuitton also launched a footwear infused with evident D3 design DNA as additional evidence of the originals staying power.

For Brian Reid, who has actually given that left OSIRIS to create his own brand name FORWIN and team up with King London, the D3 shows the spirit of a crucial moment in skateboard society: At the time, our riders actually pressed the borders in skateboarding in terms of tricks. Its just all-natural for skaters to go and also push the boundaries. To ensure that what we tried to do with footwear design, take something that had been widely unmodified for many years and also push the limits and see what occurs.

Pale horse: Brian Reid horsing around in London, 2018.

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