Test Your Skateboard Sneaker Knowledge in the Made For Skate Anniversary Quiz

Test your skateboard shoe trivia knowledge in our sneaker quiz to celebrate the arrival of the 10-Year-Anniversary edition of Made For Skate: The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear.

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It’s here! After a bit of a wait, customers in the United States can now purchase the 10-Year-Anniversary edition of Made For Skate: The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear.

As you may already know, this is more than just a reprint of our illustrated history of skateboard footwear. We have had the chance to add more than 200 entirely new pages to our book.

With tons of previously unseen shoes and untold stories, we’re bringing the total page count to 636 pages. And we’re celebrating with a nifty skate shoe trivia quiz!

MADE FOR SKATE Exhibit on 30 Years of Signature Footwear at House of Vans London for the anniversary edition book launch in November 2019.

200 New Pages, Tons of Extra Content

Entirely new pages include a special focus on 30 years of signature pro skateboarding shoes, a tradition started by the etnies Natas Kaupas and Vans Caballero models. For this reason, we have added extensive new chapters about milestone pro skate shoes.

Like the Vans Caballero in all its variations, as told by Steve Caballero himself. Cab provides a rundown of the most impactful models in his ongoing shoe franchise with Vans, the longest-running in the business.

Major thanks to skateboard icon and Made For Skate supporter Steve Caballero for an epic interview.

Also new to the book is the inside scoop on what might just be the #1 best-selling pro skate shoe of all time, the Nike SB Janoski, as told by Stefan himself. Let’s not forget a full history of adidas Skateboarding through the decades. Shoes by European pro riders such as Bastian Salabanzi and Danny Wainwright. The history of the legendary Mike Carroll Pro model for Vans. Also stories about the Nike SB Nyjah Huston model and the excellent RONE shoes brand started by pro skateboarder Tony Ferguson.

We also added a special focus on the game-changing shoe that ushered in the vulcanized renaissance in skateboarding: The Vans Geoff Rowley Pro. We created a limited edition version of Geoff’s shoe at only 30 pairs to celebrate the launch of our book in London.

Friends and family only: The limited edition Vans Rowley pro in a yellow colorway released for the 10th anniversary of Made For Skate in a run of only 30 pairs.

What’s more, we went hard in the paint to update some of the existing chapters with first-hand interviews and previously untold stories. We learned the true history of Airwalk shoes from interviews with the brand’s surviving team members such as head designer Walter Telford. And the true behind-the-scenes account of the genesis of the OSIRIS D3 shoe – including the beef with rapper A$AP Rocky – in the words of designer Brian Reid.

In other words, Made For Skate is now the best skateboard footwear history we could hope to make. And we are super grateful to Gingko Press for letting us publish this crucial update.

Get the Book, Take the Quiz

The book is available now for purchase here and at your local bookstore or skate shop.

To celebrate, how about flexing your knowledge about the long and storied history of signature skate kicks in our Made For Skate Sneakers Quiz?

Click on the link below to start our skateboard sneakers quiz and make sure to share your score with all your friends on the socials. Enjoy!