How I Organized Large Interview Transcript Files with Hashtags

How I Organized Large Interview Transcript Files with Hashtags image 0

Our new book Skate boarding Is Not A Fashion took eight years to complete, greater than double the moment that entered into its precursor. It was the most challenging creating job I ever serviced, generally because of its dimension. The final publication appear at 632 web pages and also a bit over 130,000 words which simply the ended up item.

Behind the scenes, we carried out near 100 meetings with skateboard characters from a number of years of skate history. Several of these meetings including talks with renowned skateboarders such as Lance Hill, Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Steve Olson, Brad Bowman, Steve Rocco, as well as Mike Vallely crossed the course of numerous hours.

Interviewing Todd Huber at SKATELAB skatepark and also gallery for Skate boarding Is Not a Style.

Because of this, transcribing these interviews produced Word data that ran anywhere in between 5,000 and 15,000 words in size. And it goes without saying, these first-hand tales as well as eyewitness accounts consisting of lots of previously untold tales were the backbone for creating our background of skateboard style. They were our narration gold and I was happy for each solitary skate legend we had a possibility to sit down with.

However as the interview records folder on my iMac expanded in dimension, one major concern began gnawing at me: What if I gathered this gold quote that would be ideal for a phase in the book, this magic storytelling moment that connects all of it with each other yet forgot that I even had it due to the fact that I misplaced the records on my hard drive?

Thinking about that this project would certainly cross 8 years, the worry was fairly genuine. Since also if you have Truman Capote-level word memory, the ideal quote might not readily occur when you take a seat three years after tape-recording your interview to put an ended up publication phase with each other.

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Suppose I accumulated this golden quote that would be best for a chapter in guide, this magic storytelling moment that links it all together but forgot that I also had it due to the fact that I lost track of the records on my hard disk drive?

I needed some sort of strategy to arrange these substantial Word files as well as make them searchable by keyword phrases from a desktop level. Thats when I came up with making use of #hashtags to do the trick.

Heres exactly how arranging lengthy records files with hashtags works:

Action 1

We had currently intended a harsh phase structure for the last book, so I recognized what kind of subjects and angles we would certainly discuss. With this in mind, I inserted search terms with hashtags into my interview transcripts whenever I thought a quote would certainly benefit a specific chapter or subject.

As an example, heres Tony Alva dropping some pivotal quotes for the Vans chapter:

Occasionally I used numerous hashtags to mark a juicy quote. Some of the hashtags made use of for the book include #alva, # 1970s, #baggypants, #surfstyle, #hairstyles as well as a lot more. A lot of these are subjects covered in the book, or names of phases zeroing in on details themes.

Action 2

Currently, when the moment came for composing a book chapter as an example the profile on skateboard icon and trailblazer Tony Alva discovering my appropriate records documents as ammo for my writing was easy. All I needed was execute a desktop computer search on my Apple Macintosh for the search term come with by the hashtag (in this instance #alva).

How I Organized Large Interview Transcript Files with Hashtags image 2

This desktop search would create a listing ofall the message files which contain the hashtag in the folder holding my meeting transcripts.

Step 3

In the next action, I might open up among these text data and also perform a keyword search within Microsoft Wordby pushing Command + F.

This would swiftly reveal all quotes in words doc marked with the hashtag. For instance, below is Tony Alva referenced in a meeting with one more 1970s professional skater we had spoken with for the book.

That was it! I had actually efficiently transformed a folder holding numerous thousands of words worth of stretching interview records into an arranged, fully searchable database of original quotes.

This strategy showed actually useful in composing Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion as well as I have actually used it on other large-scale jobs because. It made me less terrified of missing that golden quote as well as leaving it unused in a folder.

The one issue it didnt fix an additional consequence of dealing with this thing for eight years was using the exact same quote numerous times in numerous chapters. Yet thats what editors are for, right?

Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion is available toorderon Amazonand at skate stores as well as bookstores worldwide.

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