Cover of New Skateboard History Book ‘The Next Wave’ by next-generation skateboard writer Daniel Fedkenheuer.

Meet the Writer Behind the New Skateboard History Book ‘The Next Wave’

ILLUMINATED PAPER speaks to next-generation skateboard writer Daniel Fedkenheuer about chronicling skateboard history from 1999 until 2020 and the realities of working as a skateboard journalist in today’s digital-first media landscape.

Meet the Brewmaster Behind the 1990s Skateboarding Inspired Beer Label Big Brauther

ILLUMINATED PAPER gets an interview and home brewery tour with graphic designer and skateboard industry insider Axel Bourg.

Inside the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum in Simi Valley

ILLUMINATED PAPER talks to Skateboarding Hall of Fame founder Todd Huber about skateboarding history and memory culture.

Meet the Skateboarder Behind the Skate Footwear Review Website SkateshoeGuru

What are the ingredients for a truely great skateboarding shoe and what are the best models out there? The SkateshoeGuru knows!

Meet the Skateboarders Behind the 1990s Throwback Instagram Account ‘Latte Alter’

ILLUMINATED Paper talks all things 1990s German skateboarding with master of 1990s flashbacks Ingo Dreckmann.

Step into the Dark Fantasy of Skateboard-inspired Graphic Artist Martin Ander

ILLUMINATED PAPER interviews graphic artist Martin Ander about his creative process at the launch of graphic anthology book "Ouff!"

Meet the Skateboarder Behind the ‘Cult of Tom’ (Penny) Instagram Account

ILLUMINATED PAPER talks all things Tom Penny with Will Howe, the mastermind behind the popular Cult of Tom Instagram account.

The Inside Story of Street-Inspired Footwear Brand 3-3-20

Just a random number or signs of the Illuminati? Interview with Swedish skateboarder Sami Tolppi about his new street-inspired footwear brand 3-3-20 .

How éS Footwear Created the Mid-1990s Technical Skateboard Sneakers Trend

ILLUMINATED PAPER gets the inside story on puffy 1990s skate shoes that have spawned the 'dad shoe' trend from Don Brown, Chief Brand Strategist at Sole Technology (éS Footwear, etnies, Emerica).

The Story Behind Skateboard-inspired Furniture Label Willow’s World

Known as the German Hammer King, professional skateboarder Christoph “Willow” Wildgrube has been pursuing a new passion for furniture design. Interview at his workshop in Germany.