How DC Shoes Are Making the World Go Round

DC Shoes has recently made a splash in the world of online video advertising. They’ve been helming the infamous Gymkhana spots, which are among the most watched online videos of all time. Now, they’ve gone a step further, with the launch of their latest viral video, a tribute to Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream. Read on to learn about how DC Shoes is making the world go round with their latest video.

DC Shoes’s success can be traced to a combination of hard work and savvy. Their founders were willing to take calculated risks and make their own media. This advertising strategy worked, and they were able to make the DC Shoes brand famous. DC also incorporated the lifestyle media into their strategy, as reflected by their many collaborations with rap groups and extreme athletes. It also sponsored music tours such as Sno-Core and the Hardcore Festival. DC also collaborated with artists for a series of limited-edition designs. Hip-hop DJs were also featured in their early-90s print ads.

DC’s advertising strategy is rooted in its skateboarding heritage. The brand first appeared as a skateboarding shoe in 1994 and soon went on to become the world’s largest skateboarding shoe company. The DC brand promotes individuality through unique stories and amplifies street culture. The DC product range also includes apparel, snowboards, outerwear, and accessories. With so many options available, you’ll never run out of ways to make your DC shoes stand out in the market.

DC Shoes perfected the art of media-grabbing stunts. While they might look like foolhardy, they’re calculated risks that were carefully planned. Danny Way’s seven world record attempts were the perfect opportunities for DC to splash its brand name across the public’s awareness. The DC brand’s advertising strategy continues to evolve, as does its products. The DC brand continues to lead the way in sports advertising. This brand’s success is a testament to how far they’ve come.

The brand’s latest ad campaign features Ken Block, the creator of DC shoes. The video was the tenth most-watched video on YouTube in 2010 and features advanced driving techniques. Its popularity has skyrocketed and the company’s logo has become a cultural icon. It is no wonder that DC Shoes has become a leading global brand. The DC Shoes brand is a pillar of skateboarding.

After the success of DC Shoes’ YouTube video in 2011, the brand partnered with Yamaha to create the DC/Yamaha SXViper Mountain snowmobile. They had met at motocross events, and became acquainted. During the 90s, DC shoes sponsored top skateboarders like Colin McKay and Danny Way. The video garnered over five million views in its first 24 hours. If DC Shoes had paid for this kind of exposure, it would have cost $5 million. In contrast, DC Shoes achieved this exposure with “lean advertising.”

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