The name of our magazine is a metaphor. We think of the glowing screen you are reading right now as illuminated paper – waiting to be filled with words, images, and stories.

ILLUMINATED PAPER is here to tell stories at the intersection of art, street, style, sports, popular culture, and current trends; always with a strong focus on the individuals pushing the boundaries and doing something extraordinary in an age of digital overload.

We also want to tell stories with a lifespan beyond the daily hype cycle. Stories you may want to read again a few weeks, months, years or so later. Like a story you saw in a print magazine.

Much like print magazines, we think of our stories as pieces that our subjects would want to save in their portfolio.

For artists and creatives, ILLUMINATED PAPER is a place to showcase their work, share insights about their creative process, and, in their own words, tell the world what they’re about.

For brands, ILLUMINATED PAPER provides a platform for rich editorial storytelling outside of hype feeds regurgitating the same PR spins and product activations. Engaging storytelling that generates views over long periods of time and paints a more complete picture of brands and the creative minds responsible for their output.

And for everyone else, we want to create a place that celebrates creativity and all the cool new things worth reading about.