30 Years Of Signature Skateboarding Shoes: Celebrating With 30 Iconic Pro Skate Sneakers

30 Years Of Signature Skateboarding Shoes: Celebrating With 30 Iconic Pro Skate Sneakers photo 0

Trademark footwear has actually been an indispensable part of professional sports ever since Chuck Taylor placed his name on the Reverse All Star in 1932. Yet in the world of specialist skateboarding, the principle of athlete-endorsed footwear took a very long time to get grip.

Actually, nobody wanted a pro shoe at first.When skate shoes brand Airwalk presented Tony Hawk with a model wherefore might have been the globes very first signature skateboarding footwear in 1989, one of the most popular skateboarder in the world said no. At the same time, professional skateboarder Claus Grabke had a similar deal in Germany, but assumed it a silly suggestion too.

But not long after, the initial pro-endorsed skateboard footwear involved market and three versions opened the floodgates: In 1989, European skateboard brand name Etnies launched the first-ever pro skateboarding footwear, the Natas Kaupas trademark model. It was complied with by the Senix model for pro freestyle skateboarder Pierre-Andr Senizergues. Over in the United States, initial Bones Brigade participant Steve Caballero launched his first professional model footwear on Vans that very same year. It still continues to be the longest-running signature footwear franchise business in all of skate boarding 30 years later.


Taking it greater: The SUPRA Skytop design designed by pro skateboarder Chad Muska, personalized by its creator.

Keeping that said, professional skateboarding shoes have actually since ended up being an institution in skate boarding. And also the greatest income in any expert skateboarders income, second just to power beverage royalties.

After a little a lackluster start in the late 1980s, pro skate kicks went viral when the DC Footwear Firm barged onto the scene in 1994 with a collection solely composed of trademark skate footwear. This triggered an explosion in the number and selection of models on shoe wall surfaces. Milestones included the initial air systems in skate shoes (supported by Eric Koston), vegan materials (Ed Templeton), weed stocks (Chad Muska), ultra-puffy shapes (Dave Mayhew), and also skateable slip-ons (Dylan Rieder).

To commemorate thirty years of trademark skateboarding footwear, ILLUMINATED PAPER joined the Gallery of Skate Boarding Background in Berlin for an uncommon showcase. Heres your chance to see 30 renowned signature skate boarding footwear and also find out some background on their corresponding professional riders and also genesis. All footwear versions listed below are provided with the dates they were launched and also may not be the really initial model of the particular professional skater.

Natas Kaupas Pro|Etnies|1989

The shoe that started it all! Natas Kaupas is a prominent street skater, graphic designer and artist from Santa Monica, The Golden State. He is considered as among the pioneers of contemporary road skate boarding together with Mark Gonzales. A veteran pro for SMA skateboards, Kaupas began 101 Skateboards out of World Industries in 1991. In 1989, the Natas Kaupas trademark footwear launched by French skateboard footwear business Etnies ended up being the very first properly backed skate boarding footwear of perpetuity.

The Etnies Natas high-top model took design cues from popular basketball shoes such as the Nike Air Jordan and featured a rubber ollie guard. After a virtually career-ending injury in the very early 1990s, Natas Kaupas recovered in 1998 to join Vita footwear as a developer as well as team biker. In 2002, Kaupas developed a Nike Dunk footwear in a custom-made colorway and also joined Quiksilver as a designer. Today, Natas resides in Santa Monica working with art projects as well as limited-edition skateboard decks.

Natas Kaupas was sworn in into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2014.

Steve Caballero Pro|VANS|1989

Enter the Dragon! As a member of the initial Bones Brigade group, Steve Caballero from San Jose, The golden state, is just one of skateboardings true innovators. He went into the limelight as a gifted novice in the late 1970s and is attributed with inventing actions such as the Caballerial (a fakie 360 ollie) as well as the frontside boardslide. Understood for his smooth design, Caballero likewise plays guitar in skate rock band The Faction.

Caballero counts among the first three skateboarders to support a trademark footwear next to Natas Kaupas and Pierre Andre Senizergues. In 1989, Vans launched Caballeros pro version, still the longest-running professional footwear franchise in skateboarding today. Meeting the needs of a new generation of street skate boarding, Vans introduced the mid-top Fifty percent Cab model in 1992. Over 25 years later on, the extremely popular Vans Half Taxi remains among one of the most imitated footwear designs in skateboard background.

Steve Caballero was inducted into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2010.

Sal Barbier SLB|etnies|1994

Hailing from Baton Rouge, CA, Salvadore Lucas Barbier (SLB) took road skating to the next level as part of the H-Street as well as Fallback teams in the late 1980s and also very early 1990s. Called the inventor of the Sal Flip, Barbier signed up with the Etnies footwear group in 1991. His comments played a major duty in numerous footwear layouts, particularly low-cut footwear that would certainly end up being the norm around 1993. In 1996, Sal started Elwood Clothing and also 23 Skateboards. He later on started the Aesthetic appeals brand name and the SLB skate store in Hollywood, The golden state, in the late 2000s.

In 1994, Etnies released the Sal Barbier professional footwear, featuring embroidery of the enigmatic number 23. Alongside Michael Jordan, the number has been attributed to the secret Illuminati culture in sci-fi writer Robert Anton Wilsons book saga. The SLB pro footwear has considering that been re-released numerous times as a result of mass demand and stays the best-selling Etnies pro shoe of all time.

Jason Lee Pro|Airwalk|1995

Jason Lee is a very significant expert skateboarder, star as well as professional photographer born as well as elevated in Santa Ana, California. Together with Mark Gonzales and the Blind Skateboards group, Jason Lee introduced a brand-new vision of street skating in Video clip Days, a promotional video clip released in 1991. One year later on, Jason Lee created the art-minded Stereo Skateboards brand with Chris Pastras.

In 1995, Jason Lee released a signature pro version footwear on Airwalk, his veteran shoe sponsor. It was freely based on the Airwalk Sorry version as well as restored in 2000 as The Homage model. In 2010, Lee supported a pro slip-on shoe, the Bodega, on Dekline Footwear. His successful acting job consists of performances in movies such as Going after Amy and Mallrats, along with struck TV-series My Name Is Earl that made him a household name. Lee presently lives in Denton, Texas, and also has actually been recording roadside Americana in a continuous photography series. He still has a mean 360 kickflip.

Jason Lee was inducted right into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2019.

Kareem Campbell KCK|DuFFS|1995

Birthed in Harlem, New York City, Kareem Campbell cut his teeth as a young road skater on the streets of Los Angeles, The Golden State. As a pro motorcyclist on Steve Roccos Globe Industries brand name, Campbell became a figurehead of technical road skateboarding in the early 1990s. As an effective entrepreneur, he established skate shoes brand Axion and also constructed an all-star team on his hardgoods brand Menace Skateboards (later on City Stars). Kareem Campbell was likewise immortalized as a playable personality in the hit computer game collection Tony Hawks Pro Skater.

In 1995, DuFFS Shoes launched Kareem Campbells initially pro version: Developed by Campbell himself, the KCK version short for Kareem Campbell Kicks provided a departure from the recognized formula of all-suede skateboard footwear. Performed in smooth leather on an all-natural gum mug sole, the KCK took skate shoes into an extra sports instructions in the mode of silhouettes like the Reebok Exercise Plus model. The street-savvy style quickly struck a chord with skateboarders. The KCKs success motivated Campbell to launch his very own skateboard footwear brand name, Axion Shoes, in 1997.

Tony Hawk Pro|Airwalk|1995

Single-handedly the worlds most popular skateboarder, Tony Hawk has done it all. Birthed as well as raised in San Diego, The golden state, the celebrity of the Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarder video games franchise business has made a long lasting contribution to skate boarding by creating numerous tricks including the 720, kickflip McTwist, in addition to the 900 as well as starting a number of effective business.

In an obscure side tale, Hawk nearly came to be the worlds initially skateboarder to support a trademark skate footwear: When his shoe enroller Airwalk provided him a sample for a pro model in 1989, Hawk said no. Yet in 1995, he released his first professional model for the brand name as well as 2 follow-ups before signing up with Adio Shoes in 1997 After backing many footwear for his eponymous company, Hawk Shoes, the Birdman released a signature model on Lakai, the Airwalk Protoype-inspired Proto, in 2018.

Tony Hawk was sworn in right into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2009.

Eric Koston 1|S Shoes|1997

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Eric Koston is a highly influential professional skateboarder living in Los Angeles, The Golden State. As a founding participant of Lady Skateboards, Koston has constructed a legacy of groundbreaking skateboard maneuvers, consisting of behind noseblunt slide on San Franciscos notorious Hubba Hideout ledge. He was called Thrasher Publications Skater of the Year in 1996 as well as co-owns The Berrics skate park and also skate boarding site with Steve Berra.

Eric Kostons first professional version footwear on S Footwear, the Koston1, increased the bar for technical skateboard footwear designs with attributes like the first air impact absorption system in a skate boarding shoe. After recommending 7 signature footwear with S Shoes, Koston joined Lakai Shoes in 2006 and also launched a remake of the Koston1 in 2008. One year later on, he left Lakai for the Nike SB brand name, for which he has actually recommended various pro version footwear, including the advanced Koston 3 Hyperfeel. In 2018, Eric Koston co-founded the Numbers Edition skateboards brand names together with Individual Mariano.

Eric Koston was inducted right into the Skateboarding Hall of Popularity in 2010.

Individual Mariano|Axion|1997

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Guy Mariano transformed heads as a sensation in 1989s Powell-Peralta Skateboards video clip Ban This. After turning professional on upstart label Blind Skateboards, Mariano joined his long-time board sponsor, Lady Skateboards in 1993. His name has actually because ended up being identified with constantly pushing the technical limits of technological street skating.

Following a short stint on the Reverse skate shoes team, Mariano joined Kareem Campbells brand name Axion Footwear in 1997 and also supported a number of professional version shoes for the firm. After a quick loss from the spotlight, Mariano made a solid comeback as part of the Lakai Shoes team in 2007s Completely Flared video clip. Today, he trips for Nike SB and also is a co-owner of the Numbers Edition skateboards brand name with Eric Koston.

Person Mariano was sworn in into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2018.

Cara-Beth Burnside Pro|Vans|1997

Coming from Orange, California, Cara-Beth Burnside elevated the bar for female boardsports professional athletes throughout her respected skate boarding and also snowboarding profession. In 1989, she made background as the initial women skateboarder to grace the cover of Thrasher Publication. It went to a time when women were the exemption, not the rule in skateboarding. For an entire generation of ladies who shred, the outspoken vegetarian was the main ambassador for ladies in skate boarding.

In 1997, Cara-Beth Burnside won consecutive gold medals in halfpipe snowboarding at the Wintertime X Games as well as upright skateboarding at the Summertime X Games. That exact same year, Burnside ended up being the initial female skateboarder to back a trademark expert footwear, the CB professional model on Vans. Built on a cupsole building, the shoe featured an all-suede upper with the letters CB embroidered on the heel. She endorsed several professional version footwear during her 20-year tenure with Vans. In 2005, Cara-Beth Burnside co-founded the Action Sports Partnership, a non-profit aimed at providing better chances for female skateboarders.

Cara-Beth Burnside was sworn in right into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2015.

Chad Muska Pro|S Shoes|1997.

Initially from Lorain, Ohio, Chad Muska broke onto the skateboarding scene as a young amateur for the Toy Maker Skateboards brand name. With a propensity for big staircases as well as handrails, Muska soon emerged as one of the most marketable pros of the mid-1990s road skating age. Known for his close involvement in the layout of all products bearing his name, The Muska supported extremely effective pro skateboard decks, wheels, shoes and also clothing. He additionally generated hip-hop tracks on his Muskabeatz tag. Muska now resides In Los Angeles as a designer as well as great artist.

In 1997, Chad Muska released his first signature footwear on S Footwear. The extremely technological footwear, co-designed by Muska as well as shoes developer Franck Boistel, took skate shoes to greater ground as the very first shoe to retail over $100. Alongside sports attributes such as PU inserts as well as shoelace loopholes, it likewise presented a hidden stock pocket that went viral on conventional media as a weed stockpile. In 1999, Muska left S to become the headline pro on C1RCA Shoes next to Jamie Thomas. He launched a preferred C1RCA shoe featuring the stash pocket. Muskas further payments to skate shoe design consist of the best-selling Skytop version for SUPRA, the brand name he co-founded with Angel Cabada in 2006.

Matt Hensley Pro|DuFFS|1998

Coming from Vista, California, Matt Hensley was among the pacesetters of the late 1980s road skateboarding change. His distinct design influenced skateboarders everywhere via efficiencies in videos consisting of Shackle Me Not and also Hokus Pokus. A long-time pro for H-Street Skateboards, Hensley joined the elite Fallback Skateboards team in 1991. He later supported a pro model on Black Tag Skateboards.

In 1997, California-based shoes tag DuFFS launched Matt Hensleys trademark pro footwear. Rendered in all black, it featured a cupsole building and construction and also Hensleys signature on the tongue. Beyond skate boarding, Hensley has actually played the accordion in gold record-status band Flogging Molly for over twenty years. He still visits the globe with his songs. His cut-off military shorts and chain budgets have actually influenced skateboarders wardrobe options because the late 1980s.

Matt Hensley was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Popularity in 2018.

Daewon Tune 2|DVS|1999

Birthed in Seoul, South Korea, Daewon Track got in the limelight with an influential performance in the 1991 World Industries video Love Child. Throughout his effective profession, Daewon Song has actually pushed the borders of technical road skate boarding in influential skate videos including New Globe Order, Twenty-Shot Series and Skate More. Together with long-time close friend Rodney Mullen, he belonged to Deca and also Virtually Skateboards as well as released his own brand name, Thanks Skateboards, with Torey Pudwill in 2018.

Daewon Track signed up with DVS Shoes in 1996 and endorsed 14 pro model shoes throughout his 20-year tenure with the brand name. The DVS Daewon 1 model got here in 1998, as well as the sequel went down each time when tech shoes were trending in skate boarding and also looks similar to a running footwear. Daewon was called Thrasher Publications Skater of the Year in 2006 and also authorized onto the adidas Skate boarding footwear group in 2016.

Daewon Tune was sworn in into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2017.

John Cardiel Pro|Vans|1999

Hailing from Northern The Golden State, John Cardiel damaged the borders of what is feasible on a skateboard with his gnarly all-terrain skateboarding. He broke onto the scene in the early 1990s as a rookie pro for Black Tag skateboards. Cardiel took a trip the globe as part of the notorious Heck Flight team, laying waste to skate parks and street spots from the U.S. to Australia, Brazil as well as Europe. In 1992, Thrasher Publication called Cardiel Skater of the Year. In 1995, Cardiel became a founding member of among the industrys most respected skateboard brands, Anti Hero Skateboards. His career turning points consist of 2001s video clip part in TransWorld Skateboardings View Unseen.

Throughout his over 25-year-long partnership with Vans, Cardiel has released numerous pro footwear, including the Estilo and also Vans X Anti Hero John Cardiel Old Skool Pro designs. Throughout a 2004 skateboarding tour of Australia, Cardiel suffered a back injury that doctors claimed would certainly leave him not able to walk. Opposing the probabilities, Cardiel gained back the use of his legs as well as has actually given that been a passionate set equipment bike biker as well as was included in 2015s Vans Propeller video with the first skateboarding footage because the crash.

John Cardiel was sworn in right into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2015.

Bob Burnquist Pro|S Footwear|1999

Standing For Brazil, Bob Burnquist blew up onto the global skate boarding scene in the mid-1990s on the toughness of his all-terrain ability and also ingenious switch-stance relocations. After transforming pro for Anti Hero Skateboards, Burnquist found a new house with his current board sponsor Flip Skateboards. He is a tough competitor as well as earned 14 X Gamings gold medals. Generally, he holds one of the most medals 30 in overall in the events history. After controling the Big Air self-control, Burnquist retired from X Gamings competitions in 2017 and currently designs brand-new actions at his very own Dreamland skatepark in Vista, The golden state.

In 1996, Bob Burnquist joined the elite S Footwear group, the sibling company of Etnies shoes. One year later on, he was named Thrasher Publications Skater of the Year. He additionally placed amongst Wanderer Publications most important professional athletes. In 1999, S Footwear launched the dynamic Burnquist signature design. The cupsole shoe included a visible air pocket, strengthened PU toe defense and bootie-style entry in a mid-top silhouette.

Bob Burnquist was inducted right into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2010.

Mark Gonzales 2|Adidas|2000

Elevated in South Entrance, The Golden State, Mark Gonzales pioneered a brand-new form of road skating in the mid-1980s. Along With Natas Kaupas, Gonzales was among the initial professional skateboarders to skate handrails as early as 1986. The Gonz produced the significant Blind Skateboards brand name in 1991 and made a lasting influence on skateboarding with the Video clip Days video clip directed by Spike Jonze.

In 1994, Mark Gonzales developed a series of creatively personalized footwear together with German footwear brand adidas. The partnership came to be official when Gonzales signed with adidas as his footwear enroller in 1998. That same year, he organized an influential art performance at Stdtisches Gallery in Abteiberg, Germany. Gonzales launched countless pro design shoes with the 3 stripes throughout the years, including 2018s Aloha Super model. Currently residing in New york city City, Gonzales is a world-renowned musician and also the owner of Krooked Skateboards.

Mark Gonzales was inducted right into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2012.

Stevie Williams Pro|DC Footwear Co|2000

Initially from Philly, Pennsylvania, Stevie Williams entered the skate boarding limelight as a young newbie nicknamed Lil Stevie in the very early 1990s. On the strength of heavy-hitting video parts in Transworld Skateboardings The Factor and also 1999s Chocolate Excursion, Williams evolved right into among one of the most marketable pros of the late 1990s era. In the year 2000s, he joined the group of the DC Footwear Firm as well as released the initial Stevie Williams pro version footwear.

Created by shoe designer and also specialist skateboarder Alphonzo Rawls, the DC Stevie Williams design stays one of the very popular skate shoes of all time. In a much-debated power move, Williams left DC Shoes to spearhead the RBK skateboard department of athletic shoes brand Reebok in 2004. That same year, he planted the seed for his own skateboard tag DGK brief for Dirty Ghetto Children under the umbrella of the Kayo Corporation. In 2012, he released his signature SW1 model on SUPRA Shoes. TransWorld Skate boarding publication recognized Stevie Williams as one of their 30 A Lot Of Prominent Skateboarders Of Perpetuity.

Elissa Cleaner Pro|Etnies|2001

Hailing from Ft Myers, Florida, Elissa Cleaner is credited with increasing bench for women skate boarding. The technological road skater ended up being a household name with her revolutionary efficiency in 1994s Plaything Device video clip Invite to Heck. She transformed professional for the business in 1998, making her among the initial females to get a pro version skateboard. She later on launched pro models on Bootleg and Absolutely No Skateboards. Cleaner was likewise the very first female skateboarder featured in the hit video game collection Tony Hawks Pro Skater.

In 2001, Elissa Steamer turned into one of the first females in skateboarding to back a pro model skateboarding footwear when she released the Etnies Steamer, which she co-designed. In 2003, Cleaner was voted Check It Out Woman Publications Female Skater of the Year. No stranger to skate boarding competitors, she has won 4 X Gamings gold medals. Elissa Cleaner now stays in San Francisco and also flights for Baker Skateboards, the business started by Andrew Reynolds. She runs her own softgoods business, Gnarhunters, and belongs to the Nike SB footwear team.

Elissa Cleaner was inducted right into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2015.

Rodney Mullen RM3|Globe|2001

Coming from Gainsville, Florida, Rodney Mullen has made profound payments to skate boarding as a pioneer of skate boarding maneuvers and also designer of skateboard equipment. Originally a World Champ freestyle skater on the team of Powell-Peralta skateboards, Mullen left the firm in 1989 and began Globe Industries skateboards with Steve Rocco. In 1992, Mullen surprisingly abandoned freestyle riding and ushered in a brand-new age of road skating as part of the Fallback skateboards team. He is the inventor of groundbreaking skateboard actions like the flatland ollie, kickflip as well as 360 kickflip, in addition to the darkslide.

As the owner of skateboard brand names such as A-Team and Enjoi, Mullen has actually progressed the state of the art in hardware layout with innovations consisting of ultra-lightweight Tensor Trucks and also brand-new board laminates for Dwindle Distribution skateboard decks. He released his very first of many pro version shoes on Australian brand World in 1996 and also continues to be very closely associated with his shoe designs consisting of the cherished RM3 design. A constant speaker at TED conferences on themes such as futurism and also innovation, Rodney Mullen lives in Los Angeles, California.

Rodney Mullen was inducted right into the Skateboarding Hall of Popularity in 2013.

Lance Mountain LM3|Adidas|2001

Initially from Pasadena, California, Lance Hill is a legendary expert skateboarder, photographer as well as musician. Hill was first funded by Variflex and also ended up being a household name after joining Powell-Peralta Skateboards in 1982. Throughout the 1980s and very early 1990s, he was part of Powells initial Bones Brigade group along with Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero as well as Tony Hawk. As a leader of skate boardings DIY-spirit, Mountain has actually constructed numerous skateboard ramps, tailored his very own clothing as well as cultivated one of the cultures most well-known art designs.

During his job with the adidas skateboard footwear program, Lance Hill released many pro design footwear. In 2007, he signed up with Nike SB shoes as well as has backed and co-designed numerous pro shoes with the program, including the very desired Jordan 1 SB Lance Hill. His profession as an internationally identified artist started with board layouts on Powell Peralta and also The Firm and also continues today in a large number of mediums. With more than 40 years of skate boarding under his belt, Lance Hill continues to motivate as part of the Nike SB footwear group and pro for Flip Skateboards.

Lance Mountain was sworn in into the Skate boarding Hall of Fame in 2014.

Dave Mayhew D3 2001|Osiris|2001

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, street skater Dave Mayhew was just one of the original pro cyclists on the Osiris Shoes group along with Adam McNatt, Tyrone Olson and also Gershon Mosley. Known for his technical road techniques, Mayhew entered into A-Team, the mid-1990s skateboard business masterminded by Rodney Mullen under the umbrella of Dwindle Circulation in Los Angeles.

In 1999, Dave Mayhew backed what would become one of the very popular pro design skateboard shoes of perpetuity, the Osiris D3. Made by Osiris head developer Brian Reid with input from Dave Mayhew, the overly technical and bulky footwear developed the plan for puffy late-1990s skate footwear. The shoes 2001 edition, appropriately called the D3 2001 as well as even puffier than the initial, turned out a million-seller with plenty of replicas around the globe. The year 2018 saw a revival of 1990s tech skate footwear: The Osiris D3 2001s layout was duplicated by the AWGE x Under Armour SRLo footwear developed by rapper/fashion symbol A$ AP Rocky.

Ed Templeton 2|Emerica|2002

Hailing from Orange Area, California, Ed Templeton counts among the crucial innovators of a new breed of road skating in the very early 1990s. He spearheaded countless variants of actions such as One Foot and also Impossible ollies on street, delivered with extraordinary consistency in demos as well as contest runs. A forthright vegan, Templeton was a team biker for animal-free shoe brands Zero-Two as well as Lamb.

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