Every skateboarder has received it. The well-intentioned but irredeemably whack holiday gift that made your heart sink as soon as the wrapping paper came off. You force a smile, say it’s the Ninja Turtles skate scooter you’ve always wanted, and start investigating return policies post-haste.

To prevent this tragedy in your family, ILLUMINATED PAPER has compiled The Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Special Skateboarder in Your Life.

With hand-picked options from brands you won’t necessarily find at the local mall – but can easily order as online gifts – these shredding presents are bound to spread the stoke this season.


Dream Girl Complete Skateboard


Not your average mall shop complete skateboard and as legit as they come. Gorgeous rendition of the classic 1990s ‘Dream Girl’ graphic for pro skater Jeremy Klein, who introduced skateboarders to Japanese animation and video game culture. Hand-screened deck in black stain, 53mm Alice wheels, 147 Thunder Trucks, and Bones Reds Bearings. Dreamy!

$150 [Jeremy Klein Industries]

Dave Carnie / Sleipnir Slick Deck

By STRANGELOVE Skateboards

Some decks are bought for skating, others straight for the art wall. This Holiday-themed entry from Strangelove, the company started by iconic skateboard artist Sean Cliver, is the full package: Slick-bottom graphics by skateboard writer/prophet Dave Carnie, replete with “From” and “To” label on top ready for gifting. Plus: Bonus mind-boggling “Rabbit & Raven” Zine (24-pages). Make sure to pick up a buttery Sean Cliver-designed sticker pack while you’re at it.

$65.00 [Strangelove Skateboards]

Tarab Longboard

By Loaded Boards

Those longboards available at department stores and sports chains? Those are toys! For the real deal, pick a premium set-up from an experienced board company – like the Tarab Longboard by Loaded Boards. Engineered for freestyle and dancing with top-of-the-line trucks and wheels, it’s like the difference between driving a beat-up two door hooptie and a Porsche. And you do want little Timmy to have a Porsche, right?

Price depends on components [Loaded Boards]



By Skate Muzik Radio

Looking to gift an ultra-legitimate hoodie not everyone has? How about this burgundy hooded sweater from skateboarding radio show Skate Muzik?! The true mark of someone who knows skateboard culture, it’s printed on a Champion®️ Eco hoodie, Made with recycled Polyester fibers from plastic bottles. Also read the full story “Inside the Skate Music Radio Show Every Skateboarder Should Listen to” right here on ILLUMINATED PAPER

EUR 65.00 [Skate Muzik Store]

éS Silo Skate Shoe

By éS Footwear

Skaters gonna skate! And they need some proper, tech-equipped footwear to do it. This latest shoe from éS Footwear checks all the boxes for style and performance: 1990s-inspired design, STI Energy Foam Mid Sole, durable 400NBS Rubber outsole, and Synthetic Nubuck/Suede/Mesh upper for lightweight. The new éS SILO comes from the company that has pioneered for over 20 years of premium shoe making. Read the full story “How éS Footwear Created the Mid-1990s Technical Skateboard Sneakers Trend” right here on ILLUMINATED PAPER.

$89.99 [éS Footwear]

Acid House short sleeve T-shirt

By FACT Brand

This banging T-shirt design is live from FACT Brand, the brainchild of skateboard fashion innovator Damon Way, known as the co-founder of brands such as Droors Clothing and DC Shoes. The 6.5oz heavy weight and 100% cotton T-shirt sets the vibe with ‘Dance Dance Dance’ front graphics and ‘Hardcore Happiness’ on the back. Printed in Los Angeles, this will get lots of compliments and questions: Where did you get THAT?!

$45.00 [FACT Brand]

Coach Jacket

By Homeboy Loud Couture

A true streetwear classic. Coach jackets have been a major canvas for streetwear brands since the early 1990s, and the brand who pioneered the look is back with an updated version. The classic Coach Jacket by Homeboy Loud Couture is made from 100% polyamide and features carefully appointed logo prints on the front and back. Also read the inside story behind the rise of this OG streetwear brand here on ILLUMINATED PAPER.

EUR 69.98 [Homeboy Loud Couture]

D3 2001 Skate Shoe


Big and technical skate shoes in a 1990s look are all the hype right now, even high-fashion labels are copycatting the original designs created by authentic brands in our industry. For this year’s Holiday season, choose an original: The D3 2001 Skate Shoe by OSIRIS raised the bar for how techy and bulky skate shoes can be – now it’s back in a number of special editions by its original creators. Get ready to drop some knowledge and read the full story about the genesis of the OSIRIS D3 model here on ILLUMINATED PAPER.

$110 [OSIRIS Shoes]

WEMOTO Boys don’t cry KNIT


Forget Santa sweaters and reindeer graphics. What the cool kids want this year is a knit sweater with some attitude in a wearable overall package. Like the ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ knit sweater from independent streetwear label WEMOTO. With a classic round neck and knit rib around the collar, the Atlantic Green sweater features knitted (not printed) artwork proudly on the front. Thank you, Santa, how did you know?!

EUR 89.90 [WEMOTO]

3-3-20 Index Shoe Model

By 3-3-20

For that special someone on your list, choose an eclectic pair of shoes with genuine streetstyle inspirations. Like the Index suede sneaker from upcoming label 3-3-20, available in three colorways with fully-lined cow leather and rubber outsole, designed in Sweden and hand-made in Portugal. Another inside scoop bound to score smiles for miles! Read the full interview with 3-3-20 founder Sami Tolppi here on ILLUMINATED PAPER.

$221.88 [3-3-20]


adidas Campus ADV Skate Shoe

By adidas

Way to look classic on and off the board while packing in loads of performance-ready features. The adidas Campus ADV Skate Shoe features a classic suede upper, tactile rubber cupsole with exposed ‘Bounce’ midsole for impact absorption and a ‘Geoflex’ herringbone tread for superior grip on the outsole. High-abrasion zones are reinforced with double-layered suede, while the Geofit no-slip tongue secures a reliable fit. Classic on the outside, performance under the hood – this one’s a team favorite at adidas Skate.

$80.00 [adidas Skate]


Skateboarding Is Not a Fashion Book

By Juergen Bluemlein, Cap10, Dirk Vogel

Alva in 2018: On the cover of the Vans special edition of Skateboarding Is Not a Fashion.

Blatant self-promotion alert! My latest book Skateboarding Is Not A Fashion covers 50 years of the clothing styles and outfits that defined skateboarding, plus original interviews with style icons and company owners past and present. The +600-page coffee table book features brands such as Vans, Santa Cruz, Powell-Peralta, Sims, Alva, Jimmy’Z as well as skate legends Stacy Peralta, Lance Mountain, Tony Alva, Brad Bowman, Steve Olson, Steve Caballero, and many more.

$64.99 [Amazon]

Hot Fire Socks


Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers this season? Look no further than the Hot Fire Socks by iconic California skate label HUF. This one brings some heat with a jacquard-knit burning Christmas tree graphic at sides, HUF ‘Original Logo’ at cuff, and ‘It’s Lit!’ verbiage at instep. Made from a soft cotton/poly blend at a classic crew-length, these socks are finished with a cushioned foot bed and reinforced heel and toe for extra comfort. Also have a good look around at the rest of the collection for more giftable choices.

$14.00 [HUFWorldwide]

POCKET Mag Vol1. Book

By Pocket Skate Mag

Skateboard media isn’t what it used to be in this digital age. So it’s great to see a fresh voice that keeps the digital goods coming at a regular clip but also appreciates the value of printed images. Pocket Skate Mag’s first print book is the perfect gift, boasting 160 pages filled with skateboarding by international top talent in a stitch binding. These are the kinds of images and stories that need to be read again and again, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

EUR 25.00 [Pocket Skate Mag]

Ouff! Mander Selected Works

By Martin Ander (Dokument Press)

Winter season is a great time to snuggle up with a book – and learn about the inspiration of graphic artists responsible for the stunning artwork on today’s skateboards. We recommend this brand-new book about Swedish graphic artist Mander. Published by Dokument Press, Ouff! Mander Selected Works features selected works from his 25-year career as a graphic artist on 96 full-color pages in a 17x24cm hardback book with over 300 illustrations. This will make you go Ouff!

Round Table from Reclaimed Skateboards

By Willow’s World

How about a wonderful side table that’s every skateboarder’s dream? Sourced from reclaimed skateboards, this gorgeous design by German pro skateboarder/furniture maker Christoph ‘Willow’ Wildgrube is a masterclass in originality. Measuring 33.5cm (13 inches) in diameter at 34cm height (14 inches), the round table is hand-made in Willow’s workshop – making every single a true one-of-a-kind original. Make sure to browse for other inspiring furniture options and pick up a Willow’s World beanie as a nice stocking stuffer. You can read the story behind this unique skate-inspired furniture brand right here on ILLUMINATED PAPER.

$270.00 [Willow’s World]

Illustrated Guide of Air Jordan

By Teriyaki Donut

If the skateboarder in your life also happens to have a knack for sneakers, this is the book to gift this year. Compiled by Spanish graphic artist Daniel Rivas also known as Teriyaki Donut, this one tells the story of the mightiest of all shoe franchises: The Air Jordan. At an incredible level of detail, Illustrated Guide of Air Jordan features the entire history of the shoe in over 850(!) colorways. From MJ’s beginnings with the Chicago Bulls until the present day, this work includes all the collaborations with other brands, NBA players, baseball stars, rappers, artists and an encyclopedic amount of trivia in a high-class finish.

EUR 19.00 [Teriyaki Donut]


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